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If you are in the Sunshine Coast, QLD, you may have been looking for someone to build your secondary dwelling. Here are the top 10 recommended granny flat builders on the Sunshine Coast.


I have listed the highest ranked granny flat builders in the area. This is based on experts on the Sunshine Coast (such as local designers, architects and Google reviews as well).


A great builder should understand exactly what you want


I have also elaborated on just what makes them so well respected. Including the advantages of their granny flat builds. And why you should choose them as a building team.

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The Top 10 Builders on the Sunshine Coast, QLD (In no particular order)


The Shed House – 1800 270 750.


The Shed House have expert knowledge of the regulations of the Sunshine Coast Council, such as:


  • Your granny flat can be up to 90sqm on larger blocks (600sqm or more).
  • One on-site car park is required at the granny flat. (etc)


As such, they have designed a range of granny flats to suit any property, from 45sqm – 90sqm, including a 2-storey design.


They will allow you to:



They will also assist with providing;



All of this helps to take the stress off your shoulders whilst building a granny flat. Although you may have to pay more for the privilege.


Thompson Sustainable Homes – 1300 904 040.


Thompson Sustainable Homes are professionals at building on complex sites – site that you might not think can fit a granny flat.


If you have a narrow block, sloping land, or even if your lot is a strange shape, they can design a granny flat to work, making the most of the land you have available.


Their range of designs are as small as 20sqm to as large as 90sqm.


They are also flexible with changing designs, such as:


  • Adding an alfresco.
  • Adding more concrete.
  • Upgrading your facade.


They include:



Ward Builders – 0418 510 590.


Ward Builders will custom build you a granny flat and will not compromise when it comes to quality. A family-owned business, the granny flats are built by a team of qualified, experienced, dedicated builders.


They manage the entire project – nothing is sub-contracted out. Their reputation in the industry seems very strong.


They will let you buy your own Prime Cost items (i.e. toilets, vanity units, tapware, shower screens, etc.), to save money. So that is certainly an upside and a means of saving on construction costs.


However, they WILL NOT let you do any work yourself.


Their aim is to:


  • Meet your vision, the first time every time, by determining the correct requirements for your project.
  • Update you constantly, from beginning to end.
  • Make sure you are completely happy with the outcome.
  • Make the project easy for you.
  • Be upfront with all potential variations to costs, by trying to identify possible ‘surprises’ from the start (i.e. white ants or faulty electrical wiring hiding behind walls).


Building since 2005, they have experience in many other areas apart from granny flat builds. Which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing at all.



Eco Homes Australia – 0499 089 638.


The team at Eco Homes Australia are passionate about:

  • Designing you an eco-friendly granny flat.
  • Considering the environment, as well as your lifestyle.
  • Lowering your cost of living.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint.
The advantages of Eco Homes are that they have:
  • Double the insulation value of a traditional granny flat – minimising the amount you spend on heating and cooling bills.
  • An acoustic rated building method – So less external noise can enter the granny flat, making it far quieter.
  • More internal floor area than a standard granny flat – The building material on their walls is thinner (only 90mm), so there is more floor space available.


I think it is certainly worth getting in touch with them to discuss your project and see what they can offer.


Beachside Construction – 0409 591 005.


Beachside Construction also have strong knowledge of the regulations for granny flats in the Council of Sunshine Coast.


If you are restricted by space on your land and want a smaller granny flat, such as a 1 or 2 bedroom studio, they have over 15 years’ experience building these.


They have a team of contractors who are supervised by your builder, who will keep you updated every step of the way.


They will custom build your granny flat, and focus on sticking to both the timeline and your budget, with a transparent quote that gives you an exact cost for construction. Having upfront costs met is certainly a breath of fresh air from any builder you contract out to.


TruBuilt (07) 5476 8690.


TruBuilt are specialists at building on properties with hazards or restrictions, such as:


  • Soil with rock underneath.
  • Landslip.
  • A high bushfire rating.
  • Trees that need removing.


The advantages of building your granny flat with TruBuilt include:


  • If you have an extremely complex site, they have over 20 years’ experience in this area. They have worked on sites other builders have turned away from.
  • They will work with your land. For example, they can design your granny flat to the shape of your block by building underneath your home.
  • Their Engineers will do all the necessary tests/reports, foreseeing any additional costs that might come up as a result of your site.
  • Their eco-building method includes correct orientation of your granny flat, cross flow ventilation to the living area and bedrooms, tinted windows and great insulation.


Paragon Renovations & Extensions – (07) 5473 9262.


Paragon Renovations & Extensions will build 1, 2 or even 3-bedroom granny flats on the Sunshine Coast.


The advantages of building with them include:


  • They will customise each of their designs to suit your personal style.
  • They have over 15 years’ experience in building.
  • All their builders are licensed professionals.
  • They will manage your project from beginning to end.
  • You can talk to them about adding a carport to your granny flat.
  • They provide architectural designs.


RESI Homes – 0433 480 074.


RESI Homes are a local building company on the Sunshine Coast who have built many granny flats in the area.


The advantages of working with them include:


  • They have reliable team of tradespeople and contractors.
  • They use quality materials, building a high-class granny flat.
  • They make sure to complete your build in a timely manner.
  • You can expect friendly communication. They will consult with you throughout the entire project, so you never feel confused, uncertain, or stressed.
  • They can build on all types of lots (i.e. sloping), at a cost-effective price.
  • They will allow your input throughout the process – for example, if you have your own design drawings or ideas, they will work from those.


Entourage Builders – 0439 760 653.


Based in Jimbooba, QLD, Entourage Builders also service the Sunshine Coast.


The advantages of working with them include;



Brendan Harvey Builders (BHB) – 0438 786 095.


Choosing to build your granny flat with Brendan Harvey Builders (BHB) gives you more than 15 years’ building experience on the Sunshine Coast.


Other advantages of building with BHB include:


  • Will custom design any type of granny flat to suit your lot (i.e. detached or attached).
  • Will allow you to make changes to the layout of the granny flat, and choose your internal and external finishes.
  • Ensure your granny flat integrates with the colour of your house, its’ cladding, and even the pitch of the roof.
  • Will stick to your budget and finish your granny flat on time, providing a stress-free experience with little disruption to your lifestyle.
  • Have experience building in all sorts of regions – suburban, contemporary, or country.
  • Will assist you with the entire project, including obtaining Council approval.
  • Will keep you advised of what is happening, from the beginning of construction until the project is complete.
  • Have considerable experience working with insurance claims and offer insurance related repairs.
  • Have fully qualified and skilled trades people.
  • Are 100% Australian owned.




I hope this article has made it easier for you to choose a builder, and inspired you to get to work on your granny flat!


However, I wrote all about what makes a great granny flat builder, including questions to ask them, if you need more help choosing.

It is also worth noting that, in the recent years, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council has relaxed the rules that surround granny flats.


They are now allowed to be rented out to occupants that are not related to members of the main home – previously, this was not the case.


Before, secondary dwellings were only allowed to be occupied by family members.


Whereas now, on the Sunshine Coast, you have multiple options you a granny flat for, including:


  • An elderly family member.
  • A disabled family member.
  • A teenager’s retreat.
  • Simply, to add more room to your existing dwelling.
  • An investments property, to rent out to singles, couples, or young families, as an affordable rental option.
  • A holiday house.
  • An art studio.
  • A home office.


Or more. As such, secondary dwellings are growing in popularity on the Sunshine Coast.


If you want to know about the regulations for granny flats of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council , you can read all about them here.