Build the Granny
Flat You Want & Save

Hi, I’m Dean Roller and I built my own Granny Flat.

I got to work - doing a lot of the physical building myself. And after a few months I am proud to say it all paid off!

I now know they are a great investment.

And I have discovered there are easier ways to build. This website shares all I have learned so it can be simple for you too.

The End Result of our
Granny Flat


Being an owner-builder and diving into the ins-and-outs of the Australian building trade I saved a lot of money.

I found it was extremely frustrating to not get answers to specific questions I had, before and during the build.

  • What certification do I need to build a granny flat?
  • What are the detailed steps to build a granny flat?
  • How much does a granny flat cost?
  • How to be sure you chose the right designer?

So DIYGrannyFlat.com.au was born – To be the website I wish existed before I started building.


It seems other people have the same questions I had and enjoy what I have published. I am glad to say I still love gathering knowledge from experts in Australia.

About me

I built a granny flat while still working a ‘full time’ job. (I run my own businesses in completely different fields mainly sitting in front of a computer screen.) After studying Engineering at University, I perused a career in digital marketing and e-commerce.

But…I love learning new things. And I’m a firm believer that anyone with clear instructions can follow steps laid out for them. So being able to learn about “plumbing a wall frame” or what “roughing in plumbing” means was a blast.

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I actually enjoyed getting my hands dirty and looking back on what was built.


The entire point of this website is so anyone can; build their dream granny flat, while saving a ton of money

We were quoted $140,000+ (by multiple building companies) for our custom design and I was able to build it all for $91,074.64. That is a saving of around $50,000

Not to mention a new found confidence from what I see in my backyard

It also gives me great pleasure to share everything I learned along the way, So, you don’t have to be:

  • Ripped off by dodgy builders
  • Told that a change in design will cost you an arm and a leg
  • Have to settle for an end result that may pass Australian Standards but is terrible craftsmanship

Experts behind the scene

Of course, all of this couldn’t be possible with the experts who helped me along with way. That is why it is important for me to give a very special thanks for the knowledge and experience of Australia’s best in the industry:

  • Jerry team8-info
  • team-1 team1-info
  • MArk team8-info
  • carolyn team8-info
  • team-2 team2-info
  • team-5 team5-info
  • team-6 team6-info
  • team-8 team8-info
  • Frank team8-info
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