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3 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs – The Best of the Best

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When designing a granny flat, one of your main concerns is space – so, you have probably wondered, can you build a 3-bedroom granny flat?


Yes – if you have a larger block size, the space available on your property and the budget, you can build a 3-bedroom granny flat. There may be some restrictions and i’ll cover those in detail below.


Today I will provide a list of recommended builders who design 3-bedroom granny flats as well, along with examples of their designs.


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I will also talk about whether it’s possible to add another bedroom, to build a 4-bedroom granny flat. I will discuss whether it is legal to build those 4 rooms within 60sqm. And cover the potential of using a granny flat as a student shared house.


3 bedroom Granny Flat Designs


The main benefit of a three-bedroom granny flat is that they can generally house up to six adults comfortably. The extra space will provide extra privacy.


As most secondary dwellings (granny flats) need to be under 60sqm for many locations across Australia, it can make 3 bedrooms a little tight. However it can be done! Below is a list of builders and their designs of 3-bedroom granny flats.


It is worth nothing that in some States you can build larger granny flats (upwards of 100sqm) so some designs below may be to-good-to-be-true for your area.


None the less, the images below are perfect to get your imagination working and see what is possible for your back yard.


3 Bedroom Designs for NSW


Rescon Granny Flats


All of these rooms have built-in wardrobes, so they can all be used as bedrooms.




Source: Rescon


3-Bedroom Granny Flat Designs


They have a variety of 3-bedroom granny flat designs, which they will customise to suit your needs.



Granny Flats Australia


All rooms are big enough to use as bedrooms,  with some comfortably accommodating queen or even king-sized beds.





Three Bedroom 


The design will be customised to suit you and your needs.


Source: Aus Wide


5Star Granny Flats


These designs are big enough to allow the whole family to stay.


The Parramatta


Source: 5 Star





The Erica



3 Bedroom Designs for QLD


In QLD (Brisbane) the company Frame Steel will manufacture a design for you and even move walls for any of their designs free of charge.


The picture below shows a 3 bedroom design they have. It is worth noting however that this granny flat is over 60sqm so won’t work for many local councils, in NSW anyway.


Opting for a “ready made” kit if you can supply a few key components such as House Wrap or sarking might be something to consider.




Source: Frame Steel



3 Bedroom Designs for ACT


Cubitt’s Canberra


All Cubitt’s bedrooms have their own built-in robes.




Source: Cubitts


3 Bedroom Designs for WA


Australian Floor Plans


Kit home plans that come with either a DIY option or recommended kit home builders.




4 Bedroom Granny Flat – Is it Possible?


Simple answer is yes. Although they are not as popular and finding a builder may be more difficult as not many are built each year across Australia.


Below is a list of builders and their designs.


Granny Flat Solutions


The Eastwood


This spacious design is large enough to comfortably house a small family.



There are many other kit companies you may be able to work with such as Best Granny Flats. They traditionally offer building services for smaller granny flats and larger homes. It is worth reaching out to them and discuss the possibility of a 3 bedroom granny flat within the allowable dimensions of your local municipality.


Using a Granny Flat as a Student Shared House


With over a million students starting university every year, it provides plenty of opportunity to rent your granny flat.


Rents for student accommodation are competitive, so take into account your location. The property is best within walking distance of campus or close to public transport, as many students don’t have cars. The size of your property (I will discuss this in more detail below).


Focusing on this market to capitalise on your location may offer the potential for long-term capital growth. But there are a lot of potential downfalls, so it’s important to do your research first.


The advantages are rent can be high as there may be more tenants in a student house. A 3 bedroom granny flat can potentially get $250 from each student – that’s $750 every week!


The disadvantages however can include:


  • Students tend to move on, so will not commit to a long-term contract.
  • It’s worrying how they are going to pay, as they generally don’t earn much.
  • They don’t tend to keep the home as clean.
  • Loss of rent and malicious damage are most claimed on landlord insurance policies for student housing.
  • You may not improve the value of your property after building one.


These may not be covered if you have students living in your granny flat.


There are solutions for these issues though:


  • Be flexible with your lease – Leases are generally 6 to 12 months. A little flexibility can suit international students, or those going home over the 3 month summer term.
  • Hire a cleaner on a fortnightly basis.


Appoint a property manager – They will assist you with:


  • The price to charge for rent.
  • Leasing options.
  • Screening tenants.
  • Collecting rent.
  • Undertaking regular inspections.
  • Document contents – Itemise and take photographs, as proof of ownership will help in the event of loss.
  • Get insurance – Check the Terms & Conditions carefully, as you may require special cover.
  • Prepare for departures – Write a joint tenancy arrangement in the agreement, providing protection if one tenant leaves.
  • Secure the rent – Have a parent or guardian to be a guarantor.


Most tertiary institutions have housing officers. It is their job is to find suitable rental, share and other off-campus accommodation for their students.


Many also offer free accommodation listings websites to students. These include information such as:


  • Price of rent.
  • Location.
  • The number of rooms.
  • Photographs.


So, if interested, this is a good way to advertise your granny flat for rent as shared student housing.


The best granny flat designs for shared student housing include;


  • 3 or more bedrooms.
  • All with built-in wardrobes.
  • Study nooks.
  • Self-appointed bathrooms.


Great examples of designs include;


Alpine or Ana 2


With built-in robes in each room these granny flats are perfect for per room student accommodation.


The Yarra


All bedrooms have built-in wardrobes.


The Student


Each bedroom has its’ own wardrobe and bathroom.


Glen Alpine


This design also includes a study.


Can you build a 4 Bedroom Granny Flat?


Yes. However, regulations vary from state-to-state and council-to-council. Therefore, I suggest you contact your local council for their regulations before you start designing. For example there may be issues with the amount of people living in one space, due to restrictions set by a local council or potential issues such as fire hazards that need to be dealt with.


Also 4 bedroom granny flats mean there will be a lot more people living on your land. Potentially 8 people (or more.) This will mean greater water usage, electricity usage and may cause issues with your neighbours. Especially with noise and restrictions on privacy for them and you.


They can also be the cause of many horror stories from students themselves. Which can occur if you are building a larger granny flat away from your primary place of residence. Not able to keep an eye on how it is used.


However, these stories are generally far and few between and more people treat rental properties with respect. Especially if you charge fair rent for your area and fix issues as soon as they come up for tenants.




Most people think of granny flats as 1 or 2 bedroom dwellings. However, 3 and even 4-bedroom models are becoming more popular.


Though, due to your councils planning restrictions, the maximum living area allowed is still the same. So 3 or 4-bedroom designs are typically the same size, or slightly larger, than 2-bedroom options.


It’s the layout that is different and makes the granny flat feel more spacious.


These designs tend to include:


  • Open plan kitchen, living and dining area.
  • Combined bathroom and laundry.
  • This allows for generous-sized bedrooms.
  • Built-in robes in at least 2 rooms.
  • Possibly a walk-in robe and en-suite in the master bedroom.


At times the third bedroom may be used as a study, at times it can be used as a third bedroom.