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We have helped thousands of land owners build for less

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What will happen on the free consult:

  • Our team will share the best methods of building for less with builders in your area
  • As licenced builders ourselves, we will share what to look out for before signing anything with any builder.
  • If you want to D.I.Y to save over 20%+ on builders quotes we will share the best way to do this.
  • The next step, if you want to move forward with your granny flat is to proceed with the free options we map out for you, related to your property and budget restrictions

Our Promise & Guarantee to You…

During your free consultation, we won’t be pushing our services on you. Instead, it’s an initial conversation to determine if your project aligns well with our expertise.

If we find it to be a good match, we may recommend moving forward with planning + approval work.

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We understand & we have all the answers you need…

No, we have a range of ways to help our clients, from a free service to compare builders quotes to a few ways to construct for less.

For the DIY’ers out there we have a lot to share about saving time as well.

No, we are simply extending what we have always done, sharing information to help others. If that means you may become a client or ours one day, then we are happy with that. We live by the motto: “Give first”. We have helped 100’s of clients just like you, looking to save $10,000’s on their granny flat. This website alone is packed with free information (It is the largest resource for granny flats on the planet). The call simply extends what we have always done since day one.

We are a team of architects, engineers and town planners who provide everything for approval of your granny flat.

We have a team of cost estimators, who break down materials costs for your planned granny flat. And our coordinators find the best deals by reputable builders in your area.

 And we simply “empower Australians to build for less” – Depending on your circumstances and budget we find the best way to get your granny flat – your way.

If you are ready to move on your granny flat project – you want to talk to our team. With years of experience, 1,000,000+ website visitors and hundreds of clients later, we know a thing-or-two about getting what you want for less money.

This call will help us determine which way(s) will work best for you and your family regarding your granny flat plans.

No – If you are not quite ready to get your granny flat project ready, but want to find out more, please contact us today and we will get back to you on any questions you have.