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The DIY Granny flat

Kit Homes

Granny Flat Kits – The Ultimate guide

If you are considering purchasing a granny flat kit home, of course you are going to have a few questions and concerns. What I hope to do in this article is cover them all....


Backyard Home Offices – 10 Designs You Will Love

With more and more people working from home in the current market, and this trend expecting to stay, backyard home offices are becoming a popular design. So, what are the choices for backyard offices?...

Granny Flats - General

Converting a Shed Into a Granny Flat Legally

Looking at a shed, it seems logical to think about converting it into a habitable space.   So, can you convert a shed into a granny flat?   Short answer – yes. But, simply...


Backyard Cabin Rules – What You Need to Know

A question often asked is can I build a backyard cabin without approval?   The answer – yes, but only if you intend to use the cabin as a non-habitable room, and it is...



Council Fees to Build a Granny Flat – The Ultimate Breakdown

If you are thinking about building a granny flat, you really want to consider every dollar that you might have to spend, including Council fees. So, what are the types of Council fees for...

tweed heads

Local Council

Tweed Shire Granny Flats – The Rules Explained

If you reside in a suburb that is in the Tweed Shire Council, and are wondering whether you can build a granny flat – Here we have summed up the Tweed Shire Council granny...

caravan set up at home


Caravans as Granny Flats – Here are the rules

Many companies are now selling caravans that are expandable, with a set up similar to a tiny home or granny flat. Why? Well, if you live in NSW, there is state wide legislation that...

penrith nsw

Local Council

Penrith Granny Flat Rules – All You Need to Know

If you reside in the Penrith City Council, NSW, and want to build a secondary dwelling – here is a summary of Penrith City Council granny flat requirements:   An extra car parking spot,...

southern highlands granny flat rules

Local Council

Southern Highlands Granny Flat Rules

If your property is located in what is known as the Southern Highlands, NSW, and you are thinking about building a secondary dwelling – here is a summary from the Southern highlands Council:  ...

granny flat bank finance


Finance for Granny Flats – What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about adding a granny flat to your main home, you may also be thinking about how to find the cash to cover the costs for this build. Is it hard...