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Granny Flats with Garages – Top 10 Designs to Consider

When designing your granny flat, you might need to know – Can you build a granny flat with a garage?


Yes – although some limits will apply as per your local council. But it is a great idea to consider, as a garage is classified as non-habitable space. This means you can attach one to your granny flat without losing any allowable living area of your granny flat.


Before I share the best ideas below you might also be asking:


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Can you build a granny flat above a garage?


Yes – You can build a granny flat above a garage. There are requirements that need to be met by your local council and an engineer must inspect your property before submitting a DA (Development Application).


Today I will give you a list of builders who construct granny flats with garages. I will also provide 10 design examples of granny flats with garages.


And discuss the sorts of materials needed to achieve the style you are looking for.


Designs of Granny Flats with an Attached Garage


Let’s jump into it by showing you the best designs I have come across. These should help the creative juices flowing for the space you have to work with.


Examples of floor plans and what the finished projects look like are below:










A great layout by Granny Flat Solutions












If you are looking for even more inspiration, I have created a list of granny flat builders below so you can check them out:


Granny Flat with a Garage – Builders Who Construct Them


Below is a list of builders who will design your granny flat with a garage.




Contact here or on 1300 263 557.


Contact here or call 1300 472 669.


Contacted here or on (02) 9481 7443.


Contact here or on 1300 651 410.


Contact here or call 1300 843 921.


Contact here or on 0414 559 381.


Contact them by calling 1300 643 528.


Contact here or on 1300 108 365.


Contact here or call 1300 295 369.


  • Modular One – 9/148 James Ruse Drive, Rosehill, NSW 2142.

Contact here or on 1300 361 155.


Contact here or call (02) 8091 0588.


Contact here or on (02) 9953 2891.


  • HomeWorld – Marsden Park 2765 / Leppington 2179 / Thornton 2322 / Warnervale 2259.

Contacted here or on (02) 8866 0469.


Contact here or on 0411 593 971.


Contact on (02) 8765 8081.





Contact here or on (08) 9581 9977.


Contact here or call (08) 9297 3635.


Contact here or on (08) 9240 5888.





  • You Build – Paradise Point, Gold Coast, QLD 4216.

Contact here or call 0433 103 811.


Contact here or on (07) 3889 7385.


Contact here or call 0467 547 228.


Contact here or call (07) 3367 8222.


Contact here or call 0409 309 136.





Contact here or call (03) 6393 1013.





  • Smith & Sons – Ballarat 3355 / Doncaster 3095 / Geelong 3228 / Greensborough 3088 / Moreland 3058 / Preston 3072 / Ringwood 3106 / Ocean Grove 3226 / Warrnambool 3280.

Contact here or on 1300 787 577.





  • Habitat NT – 4/6 Steele Street, Winnellie, NT 0820.  And 5/65 Stuart Hwy, Stuart Park, NT 0820.

Contact them here or on (08) 8947 3800.





They can be contacted by calling 1300 979 658.



Granny Flats Above Garages


It is possible to build a 2-storey granny flat. In fact, it is a great idea, as you can have;


  • A double garage on the ground floor.
  • Your allowed living area on the granny flat above it.


This offers you a lot more space, as upstairs you can even have a balcony. The regulations are generally that the granny flat can be built above the garage, as long as:





  • The higher the building gets, setbacks increase to compensate for its’ height.


They’re applied once your building exceeds 3.8m. They depend on your block size and the height of the building. These setback are explained here. I suggest you contact your local council to determine your specific requirements as well.


Examples of ‘above garage’ designs are shown below:








Best Way to Build a Garage into a Home


Building the garage at the front line of your house creates depth. Just ensure the materials, windows, and any features you use match with your main home.


This will further the aesthetic appeal of your home. Adding a garage can also add to the style you are trying to achieve.


For example Up-lighting and down-lighting near your garage door can help add to the ‘Hampton’s style’ image.


Source: Real Estate


Your garage door will give your home a different feel. If you like a more classic, country, retro feel, carriage house style doors are popular. If you prefer a more modern image, a steel garage door gives a sleek look.


To ensure it matches the over-all look of your home, see “Garage Door Ideas” below. Change the Hardware – A small change that can make a big impact.


The hardware on the garage door can make a big difference to the aesthetic appeal.


For example, if you have opted for a carriage house style door, these look great with;


  • An antique wrought iron dark hinge.
  • Hammered knockers.These add to that retro, country vibe.
  • Utilise Landscaping – Landscaping can be used to de-emphasise or highlight certain aspects of the garage door.
  • Brightly coloured plants do a great job of making a dull colour look more appealing.


The plants can be placed on the side of the garage or between the doors. You could add a pergola with a vine above the garage. This is a good option if you are going for a romantic, dreamy vibe.


Source: Houzz



Change Your Colour – Changing the colour of the garage door is an easy way to accentuate or downplay the door. Think wisely when choosing the colour. If you have a beautiful door you want to be the centre of attention, choose a lighter shade.


If you choose a darker shade, this enables some restraint. A bolder colour will add style to a house that is not yet overly decorated.


Add Windows


Adding windows to the garage door will add a lot of style. Windows can portray what looks like a loft or a second floor, which are common in Hampton’s houses. To achieve this, add a window above the garage and pair it with up-lighting.


Garage Door Ideas


The next thing you need to contemplate is what material to use on the garage door. A mistake many people make is thinking of the garage door as something not included in their original plan. Instead, you should think of it as one of the main components of your granny flat.


It is important, as the garage is a big piece of what people see when they look at your home. Everything must fit together perfectly so it adds to your homes visual appeal. So, think about what material your granny flat is made from and then what will match that;


Brick + Steel


Steel is a good choice because you won’t have to worry about maintenance. It’s also one of the least expensive materials. Steel is thick and has foam insulation, which will help you control the temperature and noise level in your garage.


Render + Wood


If you are a fan of a natural finish, then wood might be for you. Wood is strong but requires a lot of upkeep if you live in a humid, rainy area. Moisture will cause warping and rotting. You’ll need to paint and stain your wood garage door every few years.


It can be quite expensive, but good looks aren’t easy. You’ll need to be prepared to spend time and money maintaining the wood.


Cladding + Aluminium


Aluminium is a sturdier option than wood but not so much as steel. It is a good material for a garage door as it is lightweight. This makes double doors doable.




A little-known fact is that a garage as part of your granny flat is classified as a non-habitable space. This means that it will not be counted as part of your allowed living area. So, you can add a fully enclosed garage (or carport) to your granny flat without losing any space.


A granny flat can actually be a 2-storey building, so it can be built on top of a garage. There are limits regarding the height it can be built – the maximum height is 8.5m.


Although, once the building exceeds 3.8m in height, further regulations apply. Rear and side setbacks increase to counteract for its’ height. These vary, depending, amongst other things, the rules set by your council and the size of your block.


I suggest you contact your local council to find out their regulations and how this affects you. It’s important that your garage door fits the look of your home. Your garage exterior makes a huge difference to the appeal of your home.


Adding some features to your garage door can increase your overall style.