10 Best Melbourne Granny Flat Builders – The ‘Go-To’ List

If you have a home in Melbourne and need a granny flat, here are the top 10 recommended granny flat builders in Melbourne.


These are the highest-rated granny flat builders in Melbourne, as per the opinion of both professionals I have worked with and reviews on Google.


Finding the best builders should be based on their reputation


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I have also covered points regarding why they are recommend.


Such as how they got into the top 10, and reasons for using them as your builder.


Here are the Top 10 Recommended Granny Flat Builders in Melbourne


Willow Grove Granny Flats – (03) 9799 8500.


A family owned and operated company with more than 55 years experience building granny flats. Their motto is:


“We know how important your home is to you“.


Advantages of working with them include that they:


  • Have a wide range of designs, from 34sqm – 99sq.m (10.6sq), and either 1, 2 or 3-bedroom. They feature open plan living and kitchen areas.
  • Will tailor every floor plan to suit your needs. This includes changing or upgrading fixtures and fittings. It’s all about designing a granny flat that bests suits your style and budget.
  • Attach verandahs and decking for more size.
  • Only use quality fixtures and finishes (no matter what options you choose).
  • Will build a high-quality granny flat at an affordable price, without compromising on its’ functionality or aesthetic appeal.
  • Are experienced in building in bushfire prone areas, so can build your granny flat in accordance with the assessed fire rating.
  • Are eco-friendly – they have a minimum 6 star energy rating and come with a 2000L water tank and pump included. (Although you may need to upgrade as per your BASIX report
  • Will handle council approval.


An Australian owned family business, to have them as your building team you will benefit from their;
  • Range of modern and creative designs, including 1, 2, 3-bedroomstudio granny flats, or pool houses.
  • Dedication to building something that is simple; yet fashionable, functional, and durable.
  • Great value for money and great customer service, so you have an easy, pleasant process, including them gaining council approval.
  • Flexibility. For example, they will custom-design you a granny flat, or modify one of their existing designs to suit you. The result is a premium, unique, granny flat, that suits your requirements.


Premier Homes & Granny Flats – (03) 9761 6699.


A business with more than 100 years combined experience over three generations, Premier is committed to upholding their name, and providing well-designed granny flats.


They have a varied range of floor plans, such as;


  • A 1-bedroom granny flat at 41sqm, that is very adaptable for those with limited space, or
  • One that differs from the traditional granny flat as it has an asymmetrical design, with L-shaped living areas.


There are plenty more designs to choose from, or their in-house drafter will custom-build a granny flat for you.


Other pros of choosing them as your building team include that they will:



Todd Devine Homes – (03) 2970 1686.


Todd Devine Homes has been building luxurious and affordable granny flats throughout Victoria since 2002.


The advantages of choosing to build with them include that they:


  • Have a wide range of modern and innovative designs that they will personalise to suit you.
  • Will make the process hassle free and enjoyable organising approval.
  • Will ensure you are comfortable throughout the project, providing good customer service, collaborating with you, and answering any queries you have.
  • Will finish building in roughly 14 – 16 weeks (depending on weather and site conditions).


Coolibah Cabins – 0412 947 426.


Established in January 2011, they make fully self-contained granny flats.


Benefits of building with them include that they will:


  • Handle everything such as approval.
  • Custom-build a granny flat to suit your needs.


Take a walk-through one of their granny flats here.


Victorian Garden Cottages (VGC) – 1300 660 817.
The don’t seem to have a website unfortunately 


VGC has a range of both modern and traditional granny flat designs and a great selection of each to choose from.


Advantages of building with them include that they will:



Swenrick Constructions (VIC) Pty Ltd – (03) 5774 7066.


Swenrick is a family-owned company with a 40-year reputation for building a variety of versatile, valuable dwellings throughout Victoria.


Pros of choosing them as your building team include that they will:


  • Allow you to modify their existing plans, or create a custom-designed granny flat for you. They are known for having flexible attitude to suit your requirements.
  • Build on challenging sites i.e. sloping land.
  • Build only with qualified tradespeople, and ensure it is supervised by an expert.
  • Help you build your dream granny flat.


Artisan Professional Building Service (PBS) – (03) 9070 5363.


Artisan PBS has over 20 years’ experience in the building industry and focus on building custom granny flats.


Their objective is to remove the duty that divides your project between separate architecture and construction companies. So, they offer;


  • Design, starting with the preliminary sketches, through to full service construction that finishes your build.


Several other things that you will gain from choosing them include:


  • Have many different methods and styles for building granny flats, which depends upon your land.


For example, they will custom-design a granny flat and build on-site from the ground up, or of this is not an option, they can offer a demountable (portable) granny flat.  You can also fully customise each design.


  • Will take care of your approval process and all inspections with a certifier.
  • Only use the highest-quality Australian materials.
  • Have a team of highly skilled workers, such as qualified carpenters and builders.
  • Will beat any similar quote, work within your budget, and offer you a granny flat that is cost-effective and high-quality.
  • Will engage in a good relationship with you from the start, and keep you involved throughout the project.


Sure-Lock Homes Pty Ltd – (03) 9310 4085.


Established in 1988, Sure-Lock is an Australian-owned family business, and registered builders, who will construct a high-quality granny flat anywhere in Melbourne, VIC.


They are members of the Master Builders Association, and are allies with long-established suppliers in the industry, who have years experience delivering high-quality products.


Other positive attributes of their building team include that they will:


  • Make the project stress-free and enjoyable for you, with excellent customer service and best-practice workmanship.
  • Build within a set time frame.
  • Allocate a Principal Builder to oversee your project.
  • Give you a fixed-priced quote, based individually to your property, so there are no “hidden costs”.
  • Arrange all approvals, plans and permits.
  • Be very competitive with their pricing.
  • Arrange a phone conversation with a past client so you can get a reference from someone who has worked with them before.
  • Build on all sites – metropolitan, coastal or rural.
  • Allow you to make changes to their designs to suit your requirements, even going as far as moving a kitchen and bathroom from one design into another,


Green Edge Builders – (03) 9994 1713.


Founded in 2010, the company’s directors have a combined 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, and have worked on multiple jobs, big and small, so have a vast range of knowledge.


Advantages of choosing Green Edge Builders’ as your building team include that they:


  • Are fully licensed and insured, with strict health and safety policies.
  • Are committed to providing premium service and perfect workmanship.
  • Allow you to participate in the work as an “owner-builder“, assisting in the project by explaining methods of construction and ensuring things are running smoothly.
  • Provide project management services, handling the planning, organising, securing and managing building resources, to ensure you achieve your dream granny flat.
  • Have expert knowledge of building sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally-friendly granny flats that lower the cost of your bills.
  • Will, where possible, reduce unneeded waste, and the use of building materials that are unsafe for the environment.
  • Have a team of skilled craftsmen, carpenters, tradespeople – all and only fully licensed, qualified, experienced builders are used on their work.
  • Will work with you to draft plans and custom-build an innovative granny flat for you, making suggestions about how/where it can be made environmentally sound.
  • Ensure the build is well-organised, monitored, within budget, and finished both on time and meeting your desires.


If they have intrigued you, view their Environment page for more information on their eco-friendly approach.




Hopefully, this article has helped you choose a builder in Melbourne. Though, if you want more information, you can read about what makes a great granny flat builder.


It is important to note that a granny flat in the state of Victoria is known as a “Dependant Person’s Unit (DPU)“. This is as it must be occupied by a person that is dependant upon person/s in the primary dwelling (generally a parent, grandparent, or teenager).


As such, your Council has the authority to impose what type of building the granny flat must be, so it can be removed the moment the dependant ceases to live there.


Depending on you location, your local Council will state the granny flat be either a:


  • A movable building, or
  • A building that can be removed effortlessly.


I have written about the regulations on granny flats in Melbourne, VIC, if you want more information.