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Wollongong Granny Flats // The “Best” Builders List

wollongong granny flats

If you own a primary home in Wollongong, NSW, you may be considering building a granny flat to go along with it. So, here are the top 10 recommended granny flat builders in Wollongong.


I have let you know some of the benefits you will get if you choose to use each builder, such as;


  • How/why they became so highly ranked.
  • All the pros of their granny flats, and their building team.


Here Are the Top 10 Recommended Granny Flat Builders in Wollongong


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Rescon Granny Flats – 1300 108 365.


In the past 5 years, they have built over 500 granny flats in Wollongong and the surrounding region. So, they have excellent knowledge of the local Councils’ policies, and can build any granny flat to suit your desires.


Benefits of working with them include that they will:


  • Make sure your plan will be approved by Complying Development, which they will pass through Council.
  • Arrange all necessary inspections by a private certifier.
  • Customise any of their designs to suit your needs and budget. These include architectural designs, or studio granny flats. Or, can work off plans you already have, or create new drawings from scratch.
  • Finish constructing the granny flat in 11 weeks after approval has been received, subject to weather.
  • Offer a fixed, “turn-key” contracted price. These include all connections to sewer, water, and power. The only extra costs are Council fees.


Evolution Building Group – (02) 4244 1212.


A highly respected family-owned company, they have won many building awards from their affordable and stylish granny flats.


granny flat builder details

Picking the right builder means attention to detail


Advantages of choosing them include that they;


  • Have over 20 years’ experience, so know how to design a granny flat to suit your requirements, your land, and within your budget.
  • Have a range of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom granny flats, which they can customise for you.
  • Aim for excellent customer service, including constructing your granny flat efficiently, to ensure the process is free from worry, and causes the slightest amount of disturbance to your normal life.
  • Submit your approval to Council.
  • Will keep the lines of communication open at all times, making sure you are kept up-to-date throughout the entire build.
  • Only employ local tradespeople and source their materials from local companies, which helps to support the city of Wollongong.
  • Believe in constantly developing, expanding and progressing their business and their knowledge, which allows them to ensure your granny flat is built to the highest standards.


Granny Flat Builders Wollongong – (02) 4210 9064.


A family-owned business, they build more than 300 granny flats each year in Wollongong. They have ranked to such a high level as a result of this number.


Pros of choosing to work with them include that they;


  • Will get your Council approval.
  • Have many different, affordable, quality and modern designs.
  • Have a team of architects, designers and contractors, so the granny flat you envision can be achieved.
  • Only use tried and tested materials, and experienced builders with excellent techniques, so your granny flat is strong and safe.
  • Will provide you with impartial advice on all aspects, such as the materials, design, or budget. This lets you feel at ease talking about your preferences, and ensures you will be pleased with the outcome.
  • Are upfront with their prices, with no “hidden costs”.
  • Will keep you in the know throughout the build, working with you to stay within your budget – i.e recommending materials that best fit your price-range, and suggesting ways you can save.


Cubitt’s – 1300 721 150.


Over the last 25 years, Cubitt’s has made connections with designers and tradespeople in Wollongong. A family-owned, fully-insured business, they have set up a construction team that is known to be reliable, attentive, and friendly.


They have 1, 2 and 3-bedroom granny flats that range from 30sqm – 60sqm, that are then made bigger with the addition of a porch or alfresco area.


Other positive’s of working with them include that they will;


  • Take care of the Council approval.
  • Always handover your granny flat at the agreed price, as they have a “turn-key price” with no “hidden fees”.
  • Finish building the granny flat within 10 – 12 weeks.
  • Offer you advice throughout the build, making the project free from worry and confusion by giving you a design consultant, a Council coordinator, and a site supervisor.


Granny Flat Approvals – 1300 205 007.


Feel free to read one of their many design articles, to get some insight on just how much knowledge they have on building secondary dwellings.


You can also view their large range of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom designs.


What you will gain from choosing to work with them includes that they will;



Granny Flat Solutions – 1300 259 677.


An accredited, award-winning team that is fully licensed and insured, they have over 35 years’ experience, so have full knowledge of all Councils’ regulations.


They have an extensive range of granny flats to suit almost any property and price-range. These include 1, 2, and 3-bedroom secondary dwellings, studio granny flats, and pool houses.


Other benefits of choosing them as your builder include that they will;


  • Take care of your CDC or DA.
  • Have your project approved and completed in as little as 16 weeks.
  • Custom-design a granny flat to suit your style.
  • Connect all services before handover.


Master Granny Flats (MGF) – 1300 643 528.


MGF are a Local Business Awards Finalist in 2020.


Pros of having them as your building team include that they have;


  • More than 10 years’ experience.
  • An aim to always achieve a high-quality finish, that meets and exceeds your vision.
  • An in-house team of concreters, who will build you a strong concrete slab to use as your foundation.
  • A team of designers, who will keep in contact with you to make sure you always know where along the timeline your project is at.
  • High-quality customer service, ensuring your project is well-organised, and finished within schedule.


A Class Building & Construction – (02) 4067 4945 / (02) 4067 4970.


With over 45 years’ combined experience in the region, what you will gain from having them build your granny flat include that they;


  • Are a member of the Master Builders’ Association (MBA), which helps to keep them in-the-know with any updates to the building industry.  They constantly update their knowledge to include the latest building techniques, technology, and materials.
  • Are licensed and insured.
  • Employ trusted local tradespeople and local suppliers of high-quality materials, supporting the local community.
  • Are flexible with their contracts – you can choose from full contract, project management, or labour-only.
  • Have a variety of designs they will customise to suit your requirements, site, and budget.
  • Have a team of drafters that can draw a design if you prefer.
  • Will openly and honestly communicate with you throughout the duration of your build, so you always know where the project is. You are always able to call, or walk through the site.
  • Will ensure your build is finished on time and within budget, by discussing any changes that invite extra charges to you, allowing you to make an informed choice.


Cob Constructions – 0450 782 824.


They have more than 10 years’ experience designing and constructing granny flats.


Advantages of using them include that they;


  • Can build a multitude of granny flats, such as detached, above a garage, or a conversion.
  • Will offer competitive pricing.
  • Use only quality materials, so your dwelling has a long life-time.
  • Have great knowledge of Wollongong Councils’ regulations, including how you can legally maximise your floor area.


LFC Custom Builders – 0431 059 973. 


This highly skilled, professional, fully licensed team has the experience to help you with building your granny flat. They can help you construct a 1 or 2-bedroom studio that complements and enhances your main dwelling.

Benefits of having them build for you include that they will;
  • Source only high-quality materials.
  • Build your granny flat safe and sound.
  • Communicate with you from start to finish, making sure you stay involved with the project.
  • Assist you with the appropriate approval application process with Council.



I hope it is now easy for you to find a builder for your granny flat.


But if you need some extra motivation, I have a blog that details what traits a great granny flat builder should have, and how to quiz them on all of these.


It is also worth noting that the Wollongong City Council runs under the regulations of AHSEPP.


So, you have two options to get your granny flat approved – Complying Development (CDC), or a Development Application (DA).


To find out more about these approval processes in Wollongong, such as;


  • The paperwork that you need to submit with your CDC or DA.
  • How much they cost, and
  • How to speak to Council.


You can visit the Wollongong City Council’s website.


Or, if you are ready to get building, you can learn more about being an “Owner-Builder” here.