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The DIY Granny flat

narrow granny flat designs


Narrow Granny Flat Designs – 10 Designs to Inspire You

Some blocks of land are challenging to build a granny flat on, particularly a narrow block. So, can a narrow granny flat fit everything you need to live?   Absolutely, yes. A narrow granny...

granny flat and sheds

Granny Flats - General

Sheds & Granny Flats – Do You Need to Involve Council?

Potentially, you have a shed on your property that you’re not using. So, can you build a combined shed with a granny flat?    Definitely, yes. Just like a carport or garage, a shed...

ikea granny flats flat packed


Ikea Granny Flats – How to Shop at Ikea & Save Money

Something people often wonder is – does Ikea build flat pack granny flats?     Quick answer – No. But you can still buy several essential items for your granny flat from Ikea, fitting out...


A Bunnings Granny Flat – How to Build One & Save Money

A question asked by many people is, do Bunnings have flat packed granny flats?     The answer is no. However, Bunnings can build a lot more than you think, as they sell the parts you...

tiny granny flat banner


Tiny Granny Flat Designs – The Inspiration You Have Been Looking For

If you are building a granny flat and are working with a small footprint – what are your tiny granny flat design options?         There are layout and design ideas for the small dwellings,...


14 Popular 2 – Bedroom Granny Flat Designs – With All You Need

2-bedroom granny flats are a popular design. So, how big is a 2-bedroom granny flat?   A typical 2-bedroom granny flat is 60sqm. However outside of NSW there are options to build an even...

one bedroom granny flat designs


16 One Bedroom Granny Flat Designs You Will Love

If you’re limited for space on your property, you may be thinking about building a smaller granny flat. So, how big is a 1-bedroom granny flat?   The standard size for a 1-bedroom granny...

studio granny flat designs


15 Studio Granny Flat Designs That Include Everything You Need

Do you find yourself feeling restricted by the land space you have when trying to design a granny flat? If so, a studio granny flat may be the answer you are looking for. Just...

granny flat design awards

Granny Flats - General

Granny Flat Design Awards – The Best in Australia

There are awards to congratulate granny flat designs. What are these award-winning granny flat designs?   Granny flat design awards intend to acknowledge and support the skill of the designers and builders who work...

how long to build a granny flat


How Long Does it Take to Build a Granny Flat?

You may be looking at building a granny flat as you know that it is much quicker to build than a family-home. So just how long does it take to build a granny flat?...