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If you are building a granny flat and are working with a small footprint – what are your tiny granny flat design options?  


There are layout and design ideas for the small dwellings, when you are limited for space, such as: 


  • Modular granny flats. 
  • Transportable granny flats. 
  • 50m2 granny flats. 
  • 40m2 granny flats. 
  • 30m2 granny flats, and 
  • Granny flats converted from sheds. 


studio granny flat design

This unique design, creates a “room” with an open plan layout.

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Today I will provide you with inspiration for all of these above starting with Modular options. 


Modular Granny Flat Designs


What is a modular granny flat?


The definition of “modular” is “something that is constructed with mass-produced units and measurements, that enables flexibility and variation, so it fits together in numerous ways”.


modular granny flats

The greatest benefit of modular granny flats is how easy they are to install


This means that a modular granny flat is made with a customary set of components, parts, and dimensions.


So, they are:


  • Manufactured off-site (almost all of the building is completed in advance, in a factory – that is, not just the walls and their windows, but everything that lays in the middle of them), then
  • Delivered to you as a modular item.


It then typically takes only about three (3) days to fully assemble on your property.


tiny granny flat studio

You could even have this studio design trucked in and placed (on the right foundations) on your land


Granny Flat Modular Homes lists all the pros and cons of these buildings.


Listed below are the companies who design and deliver modular homes throughout Australia:



Their designs range from 30m2 to 60m2 plus.



This modular home is versatile – it can be used as a home office, teens retreat, studio apartment, or rented out. Its modern studio design features a comfortable living area, including a studio bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen, and laundry nook.


Transportable Granny Flat Designs


Your choice of transportable granny flats include:


  • Mobile granny flats (“on wheels”).
  • Kit homes (also called flatpacks).
  • Relocatable granny flats, or
  • Shipping containers.


The easiest and cheapest way to build a transportable granny flat is with a kit (flatpack) home. Similar to a modular granny flat, these too are made in a factory.


The difference is they will be delivered with almost all the ‘bits and pieces’ that you need to build your granny flat. So, then you can build it yourself as an “owner-builder”, or hire a builder to construct it for you.


The one-bedroom design is the most popular, as they are the least expensive. They can be fully constructed for under $20, 000.


Companies who make one-bedroom flatpacks include:



These range in size from under 30m2 to 60m2 or more.


one bedroom granny flat design

Easily enough space for two people in this tiny one bedroom design



This kit homes modern design features clean lines, large windows, and a practical layout.


Granny Flat Designs 50m2


Many people who are limited for space in their yard are opting for a one-bedroom granny flat, as these commonly range from 40sqm to roughly 55sqm.


1 bedroom granny flat with porch

This granny flat has all you need for under 50 square metres.


If you are stuck for space, I suggest that you think about speaking with a designer, who will assist you with your own plans for an architecturally designed granny flat.


They will ensure you:


  • Get the best possible use out of your property, and
  • Don’t feel restricted by your floor space, instead get the best use of natural light, open plan design, and multi-functional spaces.


Just a few things about the design of this 53 square metre granny flat, that makes it so pleasant, is the trim over the windows and doors, and the pergola over the front patio.


Granny Flat Designs 40m2


The important question is, how much space does one person really need to live in?


40sqm granny flat

40sqm can still feel ‘big’ if you don’t clutter your granny flat


The answer – the engineering toolbox states that the median person only requires 100 – 400 square feet (which equates to 9.29 – 37 square metres) of space for them to feel comfortable in a house.


Although, this is, without a doubt, dependent upon the person – some need more room than others to feel ‘well-balanced’ and ‘alright’, whereas others need hardly any room.


But the good news is that all my research shows the average size of a one-bedroom granny flat starts at 40sqm. So, it’s more than what is considered to be big enough for any person to feel content.


You can read all about one-bedroom granny flats and great ideas for layouts here.


This 44sqm granny flat with its’ front porch and lovely landscaping is aesthetically appealing. Its’ “L-Shape” also means it’s very functional.

Granny Flat Designs 30m2


Some designs are smaller than a one-bedroom apartment – these are generally studio apartments, a home office, a space that is used for guest accommodation, or a teens retreat.


unique granny flat design

You might only have a small space for a granny flat. Or worse have to work with an odd shape. This is not a problem with a custom design


These usually start from 35sqm, although it is possible to fit them comfortably in 30sqm.


Let’s talk about designing a multi-functional studio apartment – so it can be used as both a home office and a living space. 


This has to include:


  • An open plan kitchen/kitchenette, and living and dining area.
  • A separate multi-purpose “room” (i.e., a sleep-out, and office).
  • A full bathroom.
  • A deck or patio, if space allows.


It is possible to put all of this in 30sqm.


The deck/patio is a great addition for those who have the available space. This gives you a great view if working from home, and isn’t counted as ‘habitable living space’, so you are unrestricted by allowable size.


This makes a huge difference to your inside / outside living balance.


Now, why this design works so well on a small footprint is that:


  • We have removed the laundry, as this can be used in the main home.
  • A kitchenette, rather than a full kitchen, allows for more space in the living/dining area. The average house kitchen will take up 12.8sqm room, but for tips on saving room in a compact kitchen see this article.
  • Added a sleep-out instead of a bedroom, which will save up to 12.25 square metres.
  • A full bathroom only needs to be 3 square metres – 4 square metres, or bigger if space permits (up to 8 square metres is ideal if you are thinking of using it as a teens retreat). It can be near the kitchenette, so it can be used by visitors.


Another tip is to block off your “room” (i.e., the sleep-out/home office) with a curtain or ‘pocket door‘.


Also, think about everything you are going to use it for, both now and in the future, and be creative with your design, so it has some flexibility.


After all, a studio granny flat can have many uses – what was once used as a home office and teens retreat can become guest’s accommodation, and then in later years your pool house.


Plus there are companies who now specialise in tiny kitchens for very small spaces.


Source: Pinterest. This kitchen can be placed wherever you need it.


It has a small but functional kitchenette with plenty of storage.


Granny Flat Shed Designs


If you have an unused shed in your yard, converting this into a granny flat is one of the cheapest ways to build a granny flat.


You will just have to:


  • Check your local Councils’ regulations – Specifically, what size your shed must be, and
  • Make modifications to your shed – As a shed is not a habitable building, you will need to do some work to transform it into one. This may require serious work, and again it is best to check with your Council as to exactly what they require.


Chances are you’ll probably need a:


  • Floor plan.
  • Bedroom.
  • Living area.
  • Kitchenette.
  • Bathroom.
  • Few windows for natural light, and
  • New door, to replace the old wide doors that aren’t suited for a home.


But this work is all worthwhile, as you are just altering a building that already has a roof, walls, and a floor, so you can live in it.


The prices are similar to that of the affordable rates of converting a garage into a granny flat.


custom granny flat ideas2

This simple design makes the most of a small space. Instead of using it as a shed to store the lawnmower. Source ADU Concepts


The doors of this shed have been changed into a more welcoming entrance.




Small granny flats can start from half the size of a traditional granny flat, at 30 square metres, and range up to roughly 55 square metres.


When designing a small granny flat, you can:


  • Get ideas from a Tiny Home, which is also much smaller than a traditional granny flat – up to a maximum of 50 square metres.
  • Get help from a designer, and create an architecturally designed granny flat.
  • Look at granny flat storage ideas for suggestions on furniture, storage spots and more for small spaces.
  • Or simply, see our article “Can You Build Your Own Granny Flat?” for information on how to obtain an “owner-builder” license, and start building.