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NOTE: I have nothing to sell. There isn’t a sales pitch in sight!

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Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Dean Roller and I have enjoyed putting this website together over the last couple of years.

My story published in the Sep - Nov 2020 issue of The Owner Builder Magazine, currently on Sale.

This website is dedicated to anyone looking to build a granny flat, who doesn’t want to be ripped off by a building company. Or have to compromise on the design they want.

Firstly, I built a granny flat, then built relationships with experts in Australia.

I’m proud to say, countless hours of research have paid off.

I have helped many people through this website, however I want to help more…

Before I can, I need your help to find out the greatest challenges you face.

This is so I can deliver an online webinar, focusing only on the questions YOU need help with.

In order to help you directly one-on-one (at absolutely no cost). I truly have nothing to sell.

Please click on the link below to answer some questions and I look forward to emailing you back with a video to explain how to save $1,000’s.

Whether you want to build a granny flat yourself, or hire people to do the heavy lifting.

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