How to Build The Granny Flat of Your Dreams And Save $30,000+

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Event held for granny flats in Sydeny

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, this is completely free.

We offer a ‘Freemium’ marketing model, just like Google and many companies these days. We deliver great value for FREE.

A small % of people decide to continue working with us with our paid services which make designing a granny flat and navigating council easy.

Great! If you have never built anything before, you will love the insights we share and how you won’t need to physically build anything, if you don’t want too.

If you have tinkered in the garage, renovated before or built as an owner-builder already, the insights we share with you, will help you save even more money.

Naturally, there’s a lot of incredible content to get through, and we have planned it to be fun to cover this material. You can also feel free to drink or snack at any time.

Mark will also be running through a number of demonstrations to show you the power of building for a lot less than you can imagine…Even if you don’t even want to pick up a hammer or touch any tool.

A complete agenda is given to you (emailed across) as soon as you sign up.

The topics we cover, are:

  • How to save money building your granny flat.
  • How to navigate council and the best path to take.
  • Discover the ONLY ways a granny flat can be built and which will work for you.

The content is based on real world examples. With real money put down to build granny flats…In short, it’s based on tried and test strategies that work.

We have helped an 89-year-old with their granny flat concerns. However, anyone over the age of 12 will benefit from what will be taught.

Dean Roller is a published author has helped 10,000’s of Aussies build their dream granny flat, through the world’s largest Granny Flat resource online.

Mark Marsden has over 30 years of experience in the “owner-builder” space and has helped build over 30 granny flats. Every single one of them well under what a traditional building company quoted for each one.

Because, there is a real need to save money on building your granny flat.

Plus, we don’t like seeing people be ripped off! We have heard countless horror stories that could easily be avoided with what we will share as well.

We want you to save a fortune building exactly what you want, however we have noticed that people get stuck and don’t do this because for 2 main reasons:

  1. Lack of knowledge, and not knowing even where to start.
  2. They believe the building industry works in a few possible ways. Which is simply not true. We want to explain the steps to take to thrill you beyond measure. So you can get the granny flat you really want.

Absolutely. We don’t take wasting anyone’s time lightly.

The content we share is what’s working right now in Australia. Combined with over 30 years of experience. You will walk out of the workshop with a load off your shoulders, knowing how easy it is to save over $30,000 on your dream granny flat.

Who Is This Webinar For?

1) NEW owner builders, who want to save a TON of money.


2) EXISTING people who have renovated and worked on building sites before.


3) HANDS-OFF owner builders who don’t want to physically build anything.

What is the best way to build a Granny Flat?

  • During this powerful 1 Hr Workshop you will discover the tricks of the trade.
  • Let’s say a building company has already quoted you $120,000 for a 2 bedroom granny flat. That means at least 25% ($30,000) Goes straight into the building companies’ pocket, before materials and labour is paid for.
  • Even if you don’t want to pick up a single hammer or touch a piece of timber, simply understanding the 7 stages of a granny flat build will allow you to keep that profit in your own pocket.

*If you are willing to roll up your sleeves there will be even more money to be saved for you and your family. And we will show you how.

In-Person Webinar with Dean Roller – Owner of: DIYGrannyFlat.com.au (The World’s Largest Granny Flat Resource) and Mark Marsden Owner of: Owner-Built.com.au (With over 30 Years of Experience)

Meet Your Trainers, Dean Roller...

Dean Roller

Dean went down the ‘Owner-Builder’ route and saved $50,000 on his granny flat. He had never built anything before and had no idea where to even start!

Inspired to spread the word on the ease of being able to do this, he went on to create the World’s largest Granny Flat resource.

By Scouring the country and amassing years of expert advice from experts such:

  • Allan Stains (The Godfather of Owner-Builders. He has sold over 1,000,000 copies of his Australian Construction books.)
  • Jerry Tyrrell (The founder or Tyrrells Inspections. He co-wrote the regulations for Building and Pest Inspections in Australia)
  • Peter Smith (Associate Professor at UTS. An internationally recognised Quantity Surveyor who has won countless awards.)

Dean has been featured in publications such as the long running “Owner Builder” Magazine.

Mark Marsden

Mark is an engineer with over 30 years experience in the construction industry guiding people as owner-builders. He himself; has built many homes as an owner-builder and helped build over 30 granny flats for his clients in the last couple of years alone. Every single one of them were built under the quotes that traditional building companies quoted for the projects.

And didn’t require their owners to physically touch a tool, (If they didn’t want to save even more money).

Marks’ knowledge and experience is vast and includes everything from ideas and concepts, approvals, construction methods and tricks of the trade to construct high quality Granny Flats at the absolute lowest cost possible.

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How to Build The Granny Flat of Your Dreams And Save $30,000+

Free 1 Hr Online Webinar

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