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Granny Flat - Exterior

Granny Flat Height Restrictions – Rules You Must Obey

When planning to build a granny flat, making the maximum use of height allowed is an important factor – so you may have wondered, what is the maximum height a granny flat can be?...

Granny Flat - Plans

Granny Flat Setbacks to Boundaries

When designing your granny flat, a very important thing to consider are the regulations regarding setbacks – so, what are granny flat setbacks?   If your property is 900sqm or less, the granny flat...

Granny Flat - Plans

What is the Maximum Size for a Granny Flat? & How to Make Them Bigger

When deciding to build a granny flat, you have several decisions that you have to make. One of these is going to be the size of your granny flat. So, what is the maximum...

Granny Flat - Interiors

Granny Flat Kitchen Designs

Whether you are building your granny flat with a kitchen or kitchenette (that is, a small kitchen) – what should all granny flat kitchens include?   Ample storage space, including the cabinets and the...


3 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs – The Best of the Best

When designing a granny flat, one of your main concerns is space – so, you have probably wondered, can you build a 3-bedroom granny flat?   Yes – if you have a larger block...

Granny Flat - Interiors

Granny Flat Space Saving Ideas – 7 Tips to Maximise Storage

Although modern granny flat designs are smaller versions of your main home, you can increase storage areas and save room with simple plans – so, what are granny flat space saving ideas?   Choose...

Granny Flat - Exterior

Granny Flats with Garages – Top 10 Designs to Consider

When designing your granny flat, you might need to know – Can you build a granny flat with a garage?   Yes – although some limits will apply as per your local council. But...


Does a Granny Flat Add Value to a Property?

Before building a granny flat you want to know; does a Granny flat add value to a property?   Yes, in short. However real gains are made if you can add ‘sweat equity’ and take...

Granny Flats - General

Attached Granny Flats – The Best Way to Build

If you are planning on building a granny flat you will find “attached” options aren’t that popular so, what is an attached granny flat exactly?   An attached granny flat is attached to your...

Cheap Options

Budget Granny Flats – All The Cheap Options

If you’re looking to build a granny flat on the cheap, you’ve come to the right place – so, what are the budget granny flat options?   Prefabricated (flatpack homes) Relocatable granny flats Mobile...