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Can You Build a Granny Flat on Vacant Land?

When building a granny flat there are very strict regulations that you must adhere to. Today I will address the topic of vacant blocks. That is, can you build a granny flat on vacant...


Cost to Build a Granny Flat – The Ultimate Breakdown

After finishing my granny flat, I’m happy to document the costs when people ask: How much does it cost to build a Granny Flat?   You can have a “kit granny flat” ordered, and...


Granny Flat Land Size Requirements – With Real Examples

To build a granny flat on your property, there are many rules. One of the most important is the minimum size that your land must be. So, what is the land size required for...


Council Approval for Granny Flats – All You Need to Know

When planning on building a granny flat, you need to ensure your development is approved. So, how do you get approval for a granny flat?   Depending on your property and its’ location, you...


Granny Flat Laws NSW – The Definitive Guide

When building a granny flat, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the rules and regulations. So, I’m here to simplify it for you.   Starting with: Can you build a granny flat on your property...


Granny Flat in a Flood Zone? Here is What To Do About It

Today I address a commonly asked question, that turns many people off building a granny flat: Can you build your granny flat in a flood zone?   Yes you can. But there are various regulations...


Granny Flat Complying Development (CDC) – The Definitive Guide

When planning to build a granny flat, you have two options for gaining approval. The easiest of which is through a CDC. So, firstly, what is a granny flat Complying Development (CDC)?   A...


Granny Flat SEPP Legislation – Everything You Need to Know

When planning to build a granny flat, there many regulations that you must adhere to. Some are set by your local Council, and some by the Government. So, what is NSW SEPP Legislation?  ...

Local Council

Granny Flat Section 94 Contributions. The Complete List of Fees.

Either when building, or after you have built a granny flat, you may be asked to pay quite a generous fee to your council. This is called the Section 7.11 / Section 94 Contributions...


Section 10.7 Certificate – For Granny Flats. The Complete Guide.

When planning a granny flat, a concern may be if there are building restrictions on your property. This can easily be solved by acquiring a Section 10.7 Certificate. So, what exactly is a Section...