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Where to Find Used Granny Flats for Sale

With all this talk of building and buying granny flats, you may want a much cheaper option – so where to you find used granny flats for sale?

Many manufacturers and suppliers of premium granny flats often sell used granny flats. They come in all different varieties and have often been renovated and refurbished so are of the highest quality. 

Today I am going to tell just you how you can tell a quality used granny flat – one that is like new and is not damaged or going to need repairs.

I will also give you a list of companies that supply used granny flats, so with your newfound knowledge you can start looking for a high-quality used granny flat straight away.


How Can I Tell A Quality Used Granny Flat?


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At times, you may see granny flats – both new and used – for sale without a steel frame.

However, this can cause termite infestation and lead to your portable building frame twisting whilst it is being transported.


Be wary of buying anything second hand. Always worth having an experts eye on a used granny flat.


In the majority of cases you, not the supplier, will end up being the one responsible for the damage and paying for the repairs.

As such, if you are purchasing a used granny flat, make sure you get a steel

framed portable granny flat that has structural guarantee.

Other than the steel frame, granny flats can be made from just about anything –

bricks, wood, concrete, metal cladding, or many other types of materials.

But the type of material you choose will have a massive impact on the durability and lifetime of your used granny flat.

As well as being visually appealing to you, the material must still be resistant to the weather – you must ensure that the material the granny flat is constructed from is still strong so its occupants are safe, so they are protected from any rain or strong winds.

The granny flat must also meet with your budget and satisfy your personal circumstances.

It’s all about making the granny flat feel homely and being sensitive to the privacy of its occupants.

The intended use of the flat should also play a part in the purchase of your used granny flat – for example, if it is for your elderly parents, I would ensure it has extra wide doors, the bathroom would have a level floor to ensure their safety, and there would be good access for wheelchairs.


Used Granny Flats – NSW



Sometimes they have used granny flats for sale.

To find out if they have any in stock, contact them on 0427 512 693.


Used Granny Flats – VIC


  • Unfortunately, there are not yet any companies in Victoria that are selling used granny flats. It is a rising trend though so be patient and time will come.


Used Granny Flats – WA


  • Steve’s Transportables – Specialing in used granny flats that have been restored to new, including new showers, new toilets, new vanity units, new sliding doors, new vinyl, new coats of paint and new corrugated iron cladding, Steve’s Transportables are based in Bullsbrook, WA but also have used granny flats for sale in Karratha, WA.

Contact them here for a quote.


  • Nylund House Transporters – A family owned company who also loves to renovate secondhand granny flat by removing walls and adding verandahs and French doors.


This transforms what was a plain looking granny flat into a weatherboard cottage with a homely feel.

Located in the Naval Base, WA, they sell used granny flats to;


  • The South West including the Margaret River region, Bunbury, Busselton, all the way to Esperance.
  • The Eastern Region including Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie, Leonora and surrounding regions.
  • The North West, all of the Pilbara including Geraldton, Port Hedland, Karratha, Onslow and Broome.
  • Perth and surrounding areas, including Toodyay, Northam, Gingin, Dwellingup and Boddington.


Contact them here to be added to their waitlist, so you will be advised when anything fitting the description of what you are looking for becomes available.

  • Demountable Sales Hire – Demountable Sales Hire have a selection of used granny flats that suit all different needs.

Contact them here with your requirements today to see if they have something available to suit you.

Whilst their headquarters are in the Northern Territory, they also service Western Australia.


Used Granny Flats – SA


  • Demountable Sales Hire – Demountable Sales Hire have a variety of used granny flats, a range to suit all types of preferences.


Contact them here with your requirements today, to see if they have anything in stock that suits your preference.

Although their headquarters are situated in Darwin, NT, they also service South Australia.


Used Granny Flats – TAS


  • Ridge Portable Solutions – Based in Ulverstone, Tasmania, Ridge Portable Solutions have a reputation for manufacturing premium granny flats, as they have a passion for their business and providing quality customer service.

At times they have used granny flats available for sale.

You can call them on 1300 933 035 to see what they have in stock at any given time.


Used Granny Flats – QLD


  • Peak Transportables – Peak Transportables in Burpengary East, QLD, manufacture quality granny flats, and sometimes also have used granny flats for sale.

Call them on 1800 289 732, and they will let you know what they have available.

  • Demountable Sales Hire – Demountable Sales Hire pride themselves on having a range of used granny flats, something to suit almost everyone.


Contact them here with your requirements to see if they have anything in stock to suit you.

Whilst their headquarters are based in Darwin, they also service Queensland.


Used Granny Flats – NT


  • Demountable Sales Hire – Demountable Sales Hire in East Arm, NT, have a selection of used granny flats to suit all types of needs.

Contact them here with your requirements today.

While their headquarters are in Darwin, they also service a wide range of the country – areas as far as Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.


Used Granny Flats – ACT


  • Unfortunately, there are not yet any companies in the Australian Capital Territory that have begun selling used granny flats. The interest in them has risen in the recent years though, so it will only be a matter of time.


Why Should I Purchase a Used Granny Flat?


The demand for the granny flat has peaked in the last decade, for obvious reasons – skyrocketing house prices, high mortgages and steep interest rates have left people looking for an option other than the standard family house.

After all, in this day and age many cannot afford to get into the housing market and so began looking for a more practical investment opportunity – enter, the granny flat.

But since the granny flat became so popular, competition got fierce and the waiting time increased dramatically.

As such, there are so many advantages to, rather than buying a new granny flat, buying a used granny flat instead.

These include:

  • Less waiting time – Typically, the time for the construction of a granny flat is on average 10-12 weeks – that is, environmental factors permitting.

Buying a used granny flat can cut down much of this waiting time as you are purchasing one that is already built.

  • They can be more affordable – Just as buying second-hand clothing or shoes is generally a more affordable option, buying a second-hand granny flat that is still of the highest quality, has perhaps even been renovated, and of course, fits the description of exactly what you are looking for in a granny flat, may be the more affordable option.
  • It reduces your carbon footprint – By reusing an existing granny flat,

you can help reduce your carbon footprint.


Less going to waste is a great way to combat climate change.




Although some states and territories in Australia – that is, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory – do not yet have any companies that sell used granny flats, every other state has jumped on the used granny flat bandwagon, and perhaps you should too.

There are many benefits to purchasing a used granny flat, including that you will not have to wait 10-12 weeks (or possibly even longer depending on the environmental factors) for your granny flat to be constructed.

However, there is no need for concern, as companies are refurbishing the used granny flats so they are like brand new – they even come with new showers, new toilets and new vanity units with mirrors, new sliding doors, a fresh coat of paint and new corrugated iron cladding.

Yet, as they are a used item, they are more affordable than a new granny flat.

They are also better for the environment – it is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, by recycling and reducing waste.

Please remember that every council has their own regulations about what size granny flat you can put on your property, so I suggest that you check with your local council before going ahead and purchasing a used granny flat to make sure your pre-existing property meets the minimum requirements.