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10 Sydney Granny Flat Builders – “The Best of the Best”

If you have a house in Sydney and you are looking for a granny flat builder; here are the top 10 recommended granny flat builders in Sydney.


These are the granny flat builders in Sydney that are highly rated. Based on both professional opinions (from local designers and architects) and reviews on Google.


sydney granny flat builders to choose

Which builder you choose makes all the difference.


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I have also explained below why they made the top 10.


Here are the Top 10 Recommended Granny Flat Builders in Sydney


Granny Flat Builders Sydney – 1300 830 176.


An Australian-owned company, they have a licensed, professional team of builders, architects, and certifiers with over 30 years’ experience, all whom are fully HIA accredited.


Their highly knowledgeable building team consists of both architects and certifiers.


If working with them, you will get;


  • Expert knowledge of the approval process, as they will handle your entire application, such as preparing and submitting all paperwork.
  • A simple, 5-step building process – your granny flat can be finished in 8-10 weeks.
  • The option to convert a garage or shed on your site into a granny flat, create a new design to suit your property, or customise a 1, 2, or 3-bedroom granny flat from any of their existing designs.
  • A granny flat that suits your budget, with no hidden costs – they will advise you of any possible extra costs that may occur from any ‘special conditions’ on your site.
  • A stress-free experience – their design fee includes all applicable survey, architectural and engineering plans that are given to their certifier.


BlueGum Granny Flats – 1300 060 651.


This team is highly respected – a reputation they earned from their original yet flexible designs.


The pros of choosing them include:


  • They only use high-quality building materials and workmanship, so your granny flat will be made to the highest caliber.
  • Have over 16 designs to choose from, in a range of 1, 2 or 3-bedroom sizes, and will modify these to suit you. Or, you can give them your own drawings, and they will work off these.
  • Will integrate your desires into your design, if they abide by regulations – i.e. brick or cladding walls, more windows, etc.


If they interest you, try their Granny Flat Building package calculator – this will help you to estimate what it will cost to build your proposed development.


Granny Flat Builders – 0423 407 245.


This company provides quality, affordable designs, building everything from;



Advantages of having them as your building team include:


  • They Guarantee in writing, a 100% fixed priced turn-key quote (that is, it includes all inclusions and exclusions, so you know exactly what you’re paying for).
  • Provide architectural drawings, an engineer’s report, and a BASIX certificate.
  • Have a team of licensed builders, tradespeople, designers, architects, and experts in CDC / DA‘s. They handle everything, i.e. design and Council approval.
  • Work alongside a team of certifiers, who can assist with your application.
  • Will construct your granny flat in under 6-8 weeks after approval (subject to weather or other unpredictable incidents), with minimal disruption to your main home.


Granny Flats Sydney – 1300 205 007.


Granny Flats Sydney have built over 600 secondary dwellings since 2009.


They believe affordable granny flats can be made without compromising on quality and will do what they can to save you time and money. The main characteristics of their granny flats are comfortable, functional bedrooms and bathrooms, trendy kitchens, and spacious living/dining areas. By working with them, they claim you benefit from cutting out the middle-man and dealing directly with professional tradespeople. They will:


  • Work with you to design a granny flat that is high-quality, modern, and energy-efficient.
  • Help you choose from their extensive range of designs, ranging in size from 35sqm – 60sqm.
  • Custom design floor plans just for you, or modify their existing plans.
  • Create a bigger granny flat by adding a patio, verandah or awning.
  • Handle the entire process, from surveying, drawing your design, providing an engineer and certifier, preparing your application and laying your foundation.
  • Be upfront with their costs, showing a fully comprehensive Turn-Key Build Price.
  • Finish the build in roughly 8 – 10 weeks after approval, or 10-12 weeks from the day you contact them.


If they’ve intrigued you, view their Building Calculator here.


Granny Flat Solutions – (02) 9481 7443.


This team has been designing granny flats for nearly 4 decades.


The benefits of choosing to build with them include:



ARK Granny Flats – 0449 637 343.


Having spent over 15 years’ in the industry, ARK has developed tight-knit relations with other professionals. What you will gain if you choose to work with them is they:


  • Can assist you with skilled Architects, Town Planners, Engineers, and other trades.
  • Will keep you updated at every stage of the project, making sure your needs are met before moving forward.
  • Are experienced in delegating with Councils, and so can help you with your approval process.
  • Claim they will deliver on schedule, within budget.
  • Offer design and drafting services, to build your dream granny flat.


Granny Flats For Less (GFFL) – (02) 8605 8464.


GFFL noticed granny flats becoming more popular, and became an offspring of their sister company, Elegant Homes NSW.


The positives of choosing them as your team include:



5 Star Granny Flats – 1300 843 921.


5 Star Granny Flats have 15 years’ experience. The pros of building with them are that they:


  • Have professional designers who will give you guidance on design, budget and options for materials, helping ensure your vision is achieved.
  • Are aware of the affect the environment of a granny flat has on your mood and health, so will work hard to make it work for your property.
  • Have a range of designs available – studios, 1, 2 or 3-bedrooms which you can customise, or you can work with their drafter to design your own, such as a 2-storey or granny flat with garage.
  • Will sort-out your approval.
  • Will commit to finish building in roughly 14-16 weeks after your site has been set-up.
  • Pride themselves on the use of the newest, premium methods and tools.
  • Regularly update you on the project, accepting responsibility if any issues arise.


Half Priced Granny Flats – (02) 9822 9989.


Half Priced Granny Flats offer significant value as a granny flat builder, working efficiently and to high standards.


Advantages of having them as your building team include that they:


  • Have fine-tuned their process, so no time is wasted, and you only pay for what’s necessary.
  • Mention the use of only licensed tradespeople on site and their designs are drawn by their own qualified architects.
  • Have some of the greatest local suppliers, in-house staff, and contractors – another way you save on costs.
  • Have a range of smart layouts that have maximised floor spacestudio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom.
  • Have a team of consultants who will offer you advice on the ideal design for your site, budget, and style.
  • Will provide you with a project manager who will communicate with you constantly, making sure you feel certain the project is going to plan, and is delivered on time.


Master Granny Flats (MGF) – 1300 643 528.


MGF is an Australian-owned company, with over 10 years’ experience.


The benefits you get by choosing them include that they:


  • Have an experienced concreting team, who will build upon a strong foundation.
  • Have a team of architects, who will custom-design your desired granny flat.
  • Will make a 3D replica for you to review.
  • Will organise all paperwork including engineering reports, and obtain approval.
  • Will introduce you to your project manager, who will communicate with you throughout the build, so you always know what’s happening.
  • Will advise you of any changes made to your contract, plans, issues with Council, etc… In a suitable time.
  • Will finish your granny flat in the time-frame they vow to.
  • Have a range of granny flats, up to 3-bedrooms, and if you need the space, will put additions such as a garage or al-fresco area.
  • Construction will be complete within 16-20 weeks from approval (dependent on weather or other unforeseeable delays).




I hope this helps you choose a builder for your granny flat.


But if you’re still uncertain, you can read about what makes a great granny flat builder, which may assist you further. It’s also worth noting that granny flats in Sydney run underneath the regulations of SEPP.


So, there are 2 ways they can be approved – by;



There are no limits on rents, or who can occupy the dwellings in NSW unlike other states, so we are lucky enough to have a little more leeway than the rest of Australia.


If you want to learn more about building a granny flat check out DIY Granny Flat today.