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*That is how much (on avg) our clients save on their granny flat build

Does this sound like you?



We exist to make the process of building your granny flat

a simple one. Follow the steps (described below) to build any

granny flat within 16 weeks.


Australia’s Best in the Game.


You can build your granny flat, the way you want it designed, for less than any builder will quote you.

All while being in complete control – Not having to pay “fees” for “additional variations”. Or being worried about getting ripped off by dodgy builders.

don’t believe this is possible?

See an overview of how to build any granny flat using our slider below:

Designed for anyone who has never even picked up a hammer before…


“I know exactly where to start and what to do next…
There is no guesswork in any part of this build”


“Dealing with Council is so easy; I didn’t realise how simple
it was to guarantee approval”


“I saved $30,000 building my granny flat and added double that
to my property’s value”


“The quality of my granny flat is off the charts! Second-to-none”


“I love the space created for my family and I. My confidence
is off the charts seeing what is now in my backyard”



Everything you need to construct
a granny flat for as little as possible


BUILD LIKE A PRO is an online course + All the support you need.

Through a series of videos, notes and templates you have everything you need in order to manage
the construction of your granny flat whether you want to be “hands on” or not.


  • Where to start and the exact steps to take
  • How to navigate any council in Australia
  • How to source building materials for as low as possible
  • How to arrange tradies and labour effortlessly
  • How to guarantee a quality job for each part of the build

“Steve’s Story”

Steve came to us after receiving a couple of quotes from local granny flat building companies. After some quick maths on the back of a napkin; he made some assumptions for the cost of timber and bricks and came to the conclusion, that something wasn’t right here…

After some more research online for the cost of windows, doors and roofing. He definitely knew something wasn’t right – Why were they quoting him so much?

We did his plans, engineering specifications and showed him the steps to take. (Just to explain Steve works as a project manager for IBM. This is a full time job with long hours. Steve has 2 kids and not much spare time at all.

Even in his circumstance he managed the build of his granny flat using this program and saved $40,000 from those initial quotes received.


There are 5 modules (Described below)

PLUS… These Bonuses


The easiest way to ensure you save 5 to 15% off anything at Bunnings Warehouse.


Watch Jerry Tyrrell (The founder of Tyrells Property Inspections) show you for the lowest cost possible; how to maintain your granny flat for the next 20 years. Living with your new granny flat will never be easier.

AirBnb for your granny flat

take that $300+ a week rent to over $600 a week with these 7 simple steps.(It is exactly what we do)


Build like a pro consists of 5 Modules + a Bonus module we continue to update.



Where to start and what steps to take.

*In order to get started we need to cover a few key elements to ensure the build is smooth sailing.

In this module you will learn:

  • How beautiful design doesn’t have to cost the Earth
  • The #1 Reason any build goes over budget & how you can prevent this
  • Design is key – Find out the golden rules to enjoy your granny flat forever
  • Discover the exact steps to become an “owner-builder”
  • Find out everything you need to know about insurances
  • Follow our simple checklist for Council approval in no time at all.



How to build your granny flat in 16 weeks

* Discover how easy it is to have your granny built in a few short months

In this module you will learn:

  • The trades you need to build your granny flat
  • How to co-ordinate trades + materials in an easy to follow “script”
  • Why a “to-do” list won’t help, but using our Gantt chart will.
  • Run your granny flat build on time and on budget
  • The most efficient way to build. Nothing left out + nothing added to complicate things



Shopping Time! - Get the materials you need

* Everyone loves a bargain. Let us walk you through the cheapest way to get your building materials.

In this module you will learn:

  • What a “Bill of Materials” (BOM) is and why this will guarantee you save money
  • Exactly where to buy your materials
  • How to find the cheapest prices for everything you need
  • How to guarantee you are getting the lowest price
  • How to negotiate for anything you need – No matter how “in demand” products are
  • When to order your materials and why getting this right makes life easy



Arranging Labour -Get the best tradies and the finest work out of them

* There is a clear way to work with tradies and it can be easily taught.

In this module you will learn:

  • What 40+ years of experience looks like when working with tradies
  • The simple way to find top quality tradespeople
  • How a ‘Scope of Works’ is a “must-have” and the easiest way to draft one
  • Which contracts you will need
  • How to know in 2 steps whether a tradie is trustworthy or not
  • Which 3 questions to ask any tradie how much a job should cost (keeping a tradie honest has never been easier)
  • Do a background check within minutes
  • What to do if a tradie is “busy” and won’t get back to you
  • How to control payments to tradespeople and keep everyone happy
  • Plus…A lot more – Working with tradies on site has never been easier



The quality of your granny flat will be outstanding

* We guarantee this and show you exactly how this is possible.

In this module you will learn:

  • Why quality of materials and labour should be treated differently
  • How to guarantee a job is done right with no construction experience on your part
  • How to show a tradesperson exactly what to do – The days of “miscommunication” are over forever
  • What a “Builder Buddy” is and how they can successfully troubleshoot any issue that might come up
  • Follow our documents and templates for every “job” required to build a granny flat

Enrol now and you’ll also get



Bunnings Discounts for your entire build – Including tools and materials of any kind

Tradespeople are entitled to a “Trade Discount” at bunnings, find out exactly how to (legally) extend this trade discount to you and your family.

On a $60,000 build that means an average saving of over $6,000. Take these additional savings and treat yourself to a holiday! Or anything else you want.

The Bunnings Powerpass is like a VIP card, allowing you to slash money off anything you see in store.


Airbnb for your granny flat – How you can make a fortune even if you live in a “non-holiday” location

Most people don’t realise that guests on Airbnb don’t just stay in granny flats for a holiday. They might be:

    • Visiting family
    • Need short term accommodation due to renovating or building a house nearby.
    • Needing a place to use as a “home office”

The reasons are far and wide. So, take advantage of potentially doubling your weekly rent. Steal the tricks + tips to ensure you make the most rent out of anyone in your suburb.


Property maintenance on Autopilot – “The lazy way” to ensure your granny flat is maintained.

Maintaining any building is all about longevity and keeping costs down.

With the insights of Jerry Tyrell himself (Founder of Tyrells Property inspections) and the author of the building and pest inspection codes of Australia. Hear it from the “horse’s mouth” and be pleasantly surprised how easy it is (if the right steps are followed) to keep your granny flat in pristine condition.
Ensure your granny flat never becomes a ‘money pit’ after your had earned cash.


What would make all of this guidance even better? How about 70+ year of combined experience supporting you along the way.

Let’s say after you are given:

You still have questions or need help
at any stage of your build.


You will be given a direct line to all the support you need from Mark and Dean, not to mention
a long list of contacts they have to get the answers you need in the shortest time possible.


Having helped 100’s of clients already. Saving them a combined $4,215,00
(and counting), there isn’t much they haven’t seen before.


Plus, with the wealth and knowledge of Jerry Tyrell you are in safe hands.

Jerry Tyrrell is an architect, with over 40 years of experience as a tradesman, contractor, mediator, building
consultant who co-founded Tyrells Property Inspections and co-wrote the Standards and building a pest
inspection in Australia. He is a published author and true giant in the Australia construction industry.


Click on the link below to sign up and start right away…

One Payment of

$495 AUD

You can trust this website


100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Build like a Pro Course + Support comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our one aim is that your life is transformed. You have your dream granny flat, a greater sense of self-confidence and you keep you hard earned savings!

We truly believe it is World class and there is nothing that comes close to offering the guidance and support on offer. But; if you are at all unsatisfied at all, just let us know.

With our continued support we know this program is easy to follow. 😊 That is why with proof that you completed the course work we will give you a 100% refund.

The Build Like a Pro Course Works.

Here is Proof:

“I was completely gobsmacked with how much a local builder wanted to charge us to build a granny flat, and am so thankful I found you guys online!”

I work full time and don’t have time to add a building project to my life. However, with the ease at which you showed me to plan out trades and materials, with a few hours a week, scattered before, during and after my working day, I saved $32,000 on our 2 bedroom granny flat.

Mark and Dean were both there for me when I had a question and guided me on what to do. I feel truly grateful that I went down the owner-builder route and saved my family this money, the $32,000 saved is actually more like $60,000 saved after tax with my salary. Thank you guys and please know I will be spreading the word far and wide!

Bianca Mitchell

New South Wales

“It took me a couple of weeks longer than 4 months, but I saved an extra $4,000 on top of the builders margin!

We smashed through the first 3 quarters of the build in no time. Just taking our time at the end to pick and choose which tasks we could do our selves (like painting). We saved easily more than $25,000 on our build and had no experience in construction before.

I take my hat off to both Mark and Dean for taking the time and the dedication to explain everything that we needed to know. And doing this without bombarding Carolyn and I with useless knowledge that many text books prescribe.

Thank you, guys! Both from me and Carolyn from the bottom of our hearts.

Brad Siacomo


“I recall getting BILL SHOCK when I saw the quotes come in from granny flat building companies –I thought there must be another way”

When I started looking online to build a granny flat for my elderly mother, I expected to pay a fraction of the quotes I got from building companies in my area.

My heart sank, I kept thinking why are they charging so much for a simple granny flat? The design I wanted was small enough to just swing a cat inside. But quote after quote, they seemed to come in higher than the last.

I gave up for a few months (dishearten) then started looking online and came across DIY Granny Flat. And I am glad I did! I could trust them, because I wasn’t buying materials from them. I wasn’t hiring them to build – Just leaning on their incredible knowledge to craft something beautiful for Mum.

She is absolutely delighted and I was thrilled to build it for 30% off the highest quote I received. You have a lifetime friend and fan. Keep doing what you are doing guys!

Sherie O’Connor

New South Wales



You hire a building company to take over and accept that you will be charged (On average 25%) over the cost of the tradies and materials.

What that means in dollar value is; if you are quoted $120,000 for a 2-bedroom granny flat, you have to accept $30,000 (on average) will be going into the back pocket of a builder.

That is the same as you paying $577 every week for a year to someone you don’t know, to do something that you can do (No matter your experience)

This option is simply out-of-the-question for most of us.

Plus, builders will tie you into contracts that can work in their favour
“Do you want to add a window in the second bedroom? That will be a $X,000+ variation fee thank you very much.”

Builders sub-contract work out to tradespeople anyway, especially when they are busy. Do they check their work? It is hard to do, especially when they have a few building jobs on the go.

Are they taking their time? Or are they focused on completing the job as soon as possible to receive final payment.


You hire a “Project Manager” to do what we show you. But be prepared to pay around 10% of the construction cost for doing so (…Well, at least 10%)

That means for a $120,000 build you pay then at least $12,000 for the privilege of talking to tradespeople on your behalf.

However; you still need to make all the decisions. Truth be told; nobody cares more about your granny flat than you. So, take out the all-important “factor” of love and appreciation for the work being done, and your are still short changing yourself for thousands of dollars.

They don’t understand the importance of the design specifics you want.

They don’t understand than “near enough” is NOT “Good enough”

They have other jobs on as well, no just yours – So the attention to detail is spread across multiple construction sites and it simply opens up situations where things get missed.

Don’t get us wrong.

Heck, we have dear friends who are builders so we know exactly how the industry works. We just understand that for a large percentage of Aussies out there, this is NOT IDEAL in anyway.

We have never seen a project fail when the control is put in your hands (Only when the control is given to someone else… With an open check-book attached to that control…)

And scary stuff can happen… Trust us on that one.

This is in no way meant to “bash” building companies, it is just to provide an alternative to save you money and ensure you get EXACTLY what you ask for.


Click on the link below to sign up and start right away…

One Payment of

$495 AUD

You can trust this website


“It’s the best investment
you can make.”


There is simply no program available that uncovers how you can save tens of thousands of dollars to have your granny flat built. With all the support you need along the way.



Click on the link below to sign up and start right away…

One Payment of

$495 AUD

You can trust this website


We Welcome them below:

What is included in this course exactly?

This is an online course. Plus, support though email and phone calls. Everything you need to build a granny flat.

Whether you decide to only manage the build or if you want to tackle some of the work yourself, it is up to you. We guide with everything you need to save a small fortune building a granny flat.

You get instance access to once payment is made.

The course consists of video clips that are arranged into 5 different modules. Each of these video clips explains exactly what to do in the next logical step of your build.

This information has been carefully put together, no matter the granny flat you want. There are also pdf’s (notes or workbooks) attached under certain videos if you need to go back and reference websites or any other relevant information.

We have a “Bonus” module attached to the online course as well. Which we continue to add to.

Plus, the all-important support for any stage of your build. You have a direct line for email and phone support for any pressing questions you might have – This is all included in the course.

The information comes with decades of experience and has helped 100’s of people build their granny flats; saving an average of $31,255 each.

How can I guarantee I will save money with your program?

Mark and Jerry (The ‘Elders’ of the program) have been in the construction industry for over 40 years each. Together they have personally built and guided Aussies on 100’s of projects.

They clearly understand exactly how the industry works. Every building company factors a profit margin into every quote they issue to granny flat customers.

You; as an owner-builder will keep that profit margin by following the exact steps we share in this program. Guided by Jerry, Mark and Dean (see below)

Jerry Tyrrell literally wrote the standards and codes for building and pest inspection in Australia. So not only will you keep this profit margin that builders charge. You will also complete your granny flat in the highest quality as well.

Mark Marsden ran a company in the construction industry managing 200 staff and successfully sold his business for $35,000,000 to dedicate his time to helping individuals run small builds (granny flats) and saved them money every single time he helped them in the past.

Dean Roller founded this website after saving $50,000 building his own granny flat (with no experience in building anything before). It has now become the World’s largest resource for granny flats. He built the site through countless interviews from giants in the construction industry.

How do I deal with Council and get my granny flat approved?

If you haven’t built anything before – or dealt with council before, this stage can seem daunting.

However, after 100’s of projects with councils all across Australia. There is a simple formula to follow.

We share this formula to speed up the process. Plus, you have a direct line to us, in order to answer any specific questions you may have.

The truth is; most councils like the idea of granny flats. They solve the affordable housing crisis crippling Australia. And keep Australian’s working in the construction industry; which is what a huge part of our economy is based on.

So, from the get-go, Councils will be on your side. You just need to ‘speak’ their language when it comes to the paper work they want and we share exactly what those words need to be.

I have no idea where to start and what steps to take – Will you help me?

Believe it or not – This is the most common question we get.

The answer is a resounding “Yes” we show you exactly where to start, no matter the build or the area you are in. We also help with design questions you may have.

We are by your side from the very beginning to the very end of your granny flat build.

Will this course eliminate the need to hire a builder or building company?

Yes, we have one mission: To help take control of your build and keep the profit margins that builders and building companies take.

We do this by guiding any person (no matter their experience) to manage the build of their granny flat by themselves.

I am so busy and don’t have time – Should I just hire a building company instead?

Let’s say; you build a granny flat taking a total of 1 hour a business day (on average for 16 weeks). This is to arrange materials and labour on-site. And by doing this you save $30,000. That equates to: 80 hours of your time over 4 months.

Now; $30,000 / 80 = $375. If you earn over $375 an hour, it won’t be worth your time. If you make less than $375 an hour in your day job, it will be worth your time.

If you have a few hours to spend managing the build of your granny flat each week you will be fine. (Think about your lunch break, a Saturday morning or an hour before or after work) then, it will be easier to see how the math will work in your favour.

Who is this program for?

This program is targeted towards land-owners who primarily want to save a ton of cash with their granny flat build. As opposed to giving up control and pay a builder or building company to construct their granny flat.

Our clients consist of people who “never want to pick up a hammer” to those who have built full-blown houses as ‘owner-builders’ before…. And everyone in between.

We help people who are driven to take control of their build and those who care about the quality of the finished product.

Enjoy the process 100’s of our clients have already gone through to save Millions of dollars collectively.

What if I need help with designing a granny flat?

This program starts off with the “Golden Rules of Design” and design elements you should ‘tick-off’ to save on the construction of your granny flat.

We also offer a total “One-Stop-Shop” to design your granny flat, including engineering specifications, energy reports and everything else you need to gain approval.

We discuss everything in detail regarding your design questions and concerns in the course. Plus, our support is included in the course with any direct questions you might have.

Does this course cover the Insurance I need and other legal concerns?

We help you with insurance and legal information needed to ensure a safe, legal and approved granny flat built for you and your family.

The costs involved in this course do not cover any of these. What we do is highlight exactly what needs to be done and at what stage, so you can rest easy.

We have guided 100’s of clients to get the answers they need – Fast.

Will this course work for me, if I have no experience in the construction industry?

Yes, this course is designed for people who have never built anything before. Never screwed in a nail? (Hope you picked that up – nails are hammered, not screwed). But that is our point – We have designed the course to be that specific. So, you never feel like you are worried about what to do next.

We “hold-you-by-the-hand” so-to-speak from the very beginning until you are moving furniture in and calling your granny flat your new home!

And we love what we do 😊

I’m looking at granny flat builders at the moment. Why should I choose your course instead?

Builders are very experienced at arranging different tradespeople and understanding how profits are made on granny flats.

They understand that out of all residential construction projects in Australia; (houses, units, townhouses…etc) building a granny flat asks for a largest profit margin.

The job is easier than building a house, takes less time and takes less materials than building a larger house. So the percentage profit will always be higher.

The rule of thumb is about 15% profit for a builder to build a house. And about 25% profit to build a granny flat.

Once people know this; most choose to arrange the tradespeople (or sub-contractors) themselves and keep this 25% profit that would normally go to a builder.

There are also other reasons… People choose to control the build of their granny flat and go the ‘owner builder’ route.  So you are not charged by a builder to make a “variation” to your granny flat. You are not locked into a contract asking for money before work is completed. You are not held to their schedule and waiting if they decide to work on another project over yours… There are a few more reasons, but these are the main ones.

How do I ensure I get the same quality as an owner-builder?

It is true, that builders will have greater experience than you will ever have.

However, they run busy lives, with more than one job on at any one time. And we are all human.

In an industry that means finishing one job as soon as possible (to collect money) things fall through the cracks. Such as this citation finding 40% of builders had ‘significant irregularities’ in background searches. These were all filed with the department of fair trading against fully qualified builders.

To ensure your quality is second to none, there are 3 steps you need to take, we cover this in the course and show how any novice can surpass the specifics set by the Australian Standards, the National Construction Code and ensure ‘Best Practice’ for every single part that is put together for your granny flat. (Don’t worry, we will explain these in depth)

It is the greatest concern for new ‘owner-builders’. But is also the one that causes the most excitement to our clients when they see how easy this is to manage.

Will there be plenty of examples to know what to do?

Yes, in this course, you hear from the best-of-the best with many examples, scattered through the course to highlight the easiest and most efficient path for your granny flat build.

In easy-to-understand stories, let us take you on a journey filled with images and video so you don’t have to “re-invent the wheel”. We want to give you a map completing your build in the shortest time possible.

I have built and renovated property before. Will this course still help me?

Yes, nothing beats experience to save even more money and time when it comes to any building project.

This program will share the tips and tricks that have only been discovered with decades of building experience.

Giving you the end result of a granny flat you are proud of, with less outlay than you might now expect.

What do I go if I get “Stuck” half-way through the build?

Nobody, who follows this course will ever get stuck.

However, if you still feel doubtful of the statement above, not a worry at all. We are there for you with our complete support – A direct phone and email line to help with any part you may feel stuck on.

How much time will it take to go through the course?

It depends on how you want to tackle the program. Some of our clients will go through the entire course video after video. This will take a day or two in total in that case.

However, it makes sense for most to go through the course across a couple of months.

Meaning, while you are waiting for council approval, you might want to tackle the ‘materials’ component of the granny flat build. Then when the build gets close to starting, you will want to tackle the ‘labour’ component.

This stops any feeling of overwhelm. And don’t forget, you have access for life. So, if you need to go over a video or two – no worries at all.

After I pay for the course, will I get access for life?

Yes, you will always have access for life. The course has no expiry date. And it is continually updated. You will never be charged for any of these updates.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes we do. If you have completed the course material asked of you and it doesn’t work out (for any reason) we offer a 100% refund for the cost of the program.

Just share with us the simple tasks asked of you in the workbooks and we will have a refund issued right away.