Ryde Council Granny Flat Requirements – Know the Rules

If you live in Ryde, NSW, I have provided you with a summary of Ryde Council granny flat requirements:


  • There is no requirement for off-street parking.
  • Due to the Councils’ Contribution Plan, the City of Ryde Council can impose a contribution of $7654.54.
  • Granny flats are allowed in all residential zones, as long as they comply with the SEPP.
  • Your property must be a minimum if 450 square metres, and granny flats no larger than 60 square metres.
  • The total calculations of all buildings on your land must comply with a set floor space ratio.
  • The Council is quite open to design, particularly at the rear of your site.


Today I will cover whether any Ryde Council contributions are required.


I will discuss in greater depth; the land size restrictions for building or installing a granny flat. Plus cover the demographic of Ryde and who the optimal tenant for your granny flat is.

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Plus a lot more below…


Do You Need Off-Street Parking in Ryde?


There is no specific requirement for off-street parking for a secondary dwelling in Ryde.


Off-Street parking is always desirable for Ryde


However, the City of Ryde has what is known as the Council’s Permit Parking Scheme.


They have introduced this scheme to assist them in controlling the excessive needs for on-street parking, so;


  • There are time limits for parking in residential streets.

  • You may be eligible for a permit if you reside in the street, to be excused from these time restrictions.


To be entitled to this permit, you have to meet certain requirements, including;


  • You must have a maximum of two (2) off-street car parks on your property (that is, no garage or driveway).


If you meet these provisions, Ryde Council will consider providing you with a maximum of three (3) resident parking permits per household.


However, the exact number of parking permits you will be provided is subject to;


  • How many off-street parking spaces are available on your property, and

  • How many vehicles are registered to your address.


So, you really need to think ahead about the parking solutions for the granny flat, to keep both yourself and your tenants happy. For example, if you are going to be renting out your granny flat, it’s important to consider parking.


So, think about how many people will be living there, both now and in the future, and where they will park. As such, if your land size allows for it, consider adding a garage or carport when designing your granny flat.


The City of Ryde’s Permit Parking Policy can be viewed here.


Are There Council Contributions that Must be Made?


Simple answer – yes.


Any type/style of secondary dwelling will attract a Council contribution of $7654.54.


The current Contribution plan is available from the Councils’ website:



The plan is in place to raise funds to provide more infrastructure in the City of Ryde, such as:


  • Recreational Facilities and Open Spaces.

  • Community Amenities.

  • Transport and Traffic Resources.


I suggest you give the Building Team in Council a call on (02) 9952 8222 if you need further advice on this contribution.


Land Size Restrictions for a Granny Flat


Granny flats are allowed in all residential zones in Ryde, if they meet the criteria of the SEPP:


So, the Council cannot refuse to agree to your development, as long as your:



In addition, the “NSW granny flat fact sheet” states the granny flat floor space ratio means the total calculations of the main home and the granny flat cannot exceed:

  1. On a property 450sqm – 900sqm = 50%.
  2. On a property 900sqm – 1500sqm = 40%.
  3. On a property 1500sqm or more = 30%.


Can You Crane in a Modular Granny Flat?


If you decide on a prefabricated granny flat, such as a modular home, you must prepare to relocate this to your site. Part of relocating a modular home includes having a crane on your property, to unload it from the transport vehicle.


So, can you hire a crane in Ryde, and if so, how much will this cost?


Yes – crane operators are willing to take the drive to Ryde to perform this job.


However, the cost will vary, depending on both the ease of access to your site, and how heavy the granny flat is.


A standard crane may cost roughly $150 an hour to hire. Whereas a large crane will be needed if your property is not easily accessible- for example, if your footpaths are cracked. This will cost about $400 or more per hour.


Be sure to get quotes from at least 3 to 5 companies, as hiring a crane can be very expensive.


Have the weight of the granny flat before calling. There might also be extra ‘contributions’ that you will need to make to Council in the form of a bond. This is to cover any damage to roads or footpaths that the crane might cause when working near your property.


They should come to your site to check how complex your block of land is and give you a free quote. Some operators will just do a Google search and confirm costs over the phone when using Google Maps.


Here are a few companies you can contact for a crane quote in Ryde:



Does Your Granny Flat Need to Fit a Certain Design for the Suburb?


Though Ryde is a relatively pricey, luxurious region, the Ryde City Council has recognised the need for affordable housing.


This means that they do encourage those who want to build a granny flat, and so are accepting of design – especially those that are situated at the back of your principal dwelling (main home).


For example, using a shipping container as a secondary dwelling is quite common.


Though, keep in mind that your granny flat does still need, to some extent, still need to look like it ‘fits in’ with the suburb. Meaning, you can’t be too over-the-top with your design – if it looks too ‘out-of-character’ for the area, it may not be approved.


In this regard, they follow the regulations of the SEPP:


  • The Council must not agree to the development, except if it has considered whether its’ design is well matched with the attributes of the local region.


For more information, you can attend a workshop held by the Council on secondary dwelling developments.


Contact them on (02) 9952 8222 for to get times and dates for these.


Examples of completed granny flat projects in North Ryde can be seen at:



Demographic of Ryde, NSW, & Who Would be Your Optimal Tenant?


Ryde is a rather costly area, so, if designed correctly, a granny flat that is built here can be quite profitable. The Council known as the City of Ryde is an area that services several suburbs, starting about 10km north-west of Sydney, New South Wales.


The estimated the population in 2019 was 131,271. The Population Forecast shows this is expected to increase over the next 20 years.


The Census reported the average individual weekly income ranged from $324 to $1244. Weekly rental payments were reported to be $251 to $252 plus. This comparison between income and rental payments indicated a level of ‘Housing stress’ in the community.


So, the young workforce (those aged 25 to 34), of which there were 21, 178, would be searching for affordable housing solutions. For this demographic, you still need to be mindful of designing your dwelling to suit the locality.


Consider being innovative with your granny flat.


Using an architect to design your granny flat will create energy efficient solutions, lowering the cost of bills, and attracting the right tenants.




In Ryde, granny flats are allowed in all residential zones, as long as they comply with the SEPP.


So, you must have a lot that is at least 450 square metres. Your granny flat must not exceed 60 square metres.


All buildings on your land must calculate to levels no greater than the granny flat floor space ratio;


  1. A property 450 square metres – 900 square metres = 50%.
  2. A property 900 square metres – 1500 square metres = 40%.
  3. A property 1500 square metres or more = 30%.


Approval can be gained through either submitting a Development Application (DA) or as a Complying Development (CDC).


The Development Application (DA) process for the City of Ryde can be viewed here.


Further information on DA’s, such as the necessary information, and how much they cost, is available at the City of Ryde’s website.


Council welcomes most designs, particularly those located behind your main home, and if they are not too over-the-top, and are suited to the suburb.


Off-street parking is not required, but is a valuable factor to consider. If planning on renting out, now or in the future, your tenants will love you for it.


You will probably be required to pay Council contribution of $7654.54. This Contribution plan can be viewed at their website:



If you need assistance understanding Councils’ regulations, contact Outlook Planning & Development on (02) 4964 1625.