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Parramatta Granny Flat Requirements – The Laws You Need to Follow

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For those thinking of building a granny flat in Parramatta, NSW – Here is a summary of Parramatta Council granny flat requirements:


  • No car parking spots are required.
  • You may need to pay a contribution to Council before starting your development, determined by your certifier and depending on the total cost of your granny flat.
  • Parramatta Council abides by the regulations in the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), so you must have a minimum lot size of 450sqm and can be approved through either a CDC or a DA.
  • Specific design regulations for granny flats can be seen in the Parramatta Development Control Plan 2011, Part 3.


Today I will I will discuss when you must make any Council contributions.


And I will cover land size restrictions in Parramatta for a granny flat.

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Do You Need Off-Street Parking in Parramatta?


The State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) states that additional car parking is not necessary at a granny flat.


The statement is quite clear


“There is no requirement that additional parking spaces be provided in respect of development for the purposes of a secondary dwelling.”


However, it is important to think about your tenants and whether parking is practical and if they demand it.


As, if you are planning on renting out your granny flat, this is something that your competitors in this market will often forget and will make you rental listing stand out. I will elaborate on this under the “Demographic of Parramatta, & Who Would Be Your Optimal Tenant”.


Are There Council Contributions that Must be Made?


Whether you will be required to make a contribution to the Council depends on the cost of your development.


Your certifier is in charge of deciding whether this is necessary.


However, a guideline is as per the cost of your granny flat; shown below:


  • Under $100, 000 – You do not have to pay a development contribution.
  • From $101, 000 to $200, 000 – You will have to pay 0.5% of the total price of the development.
  • More than $200, 000 – You will be required to pay 1% of the total value of the development.


You will be required to pay this contribution before starting your development.


Section 94 contributions can cost a lot. So be sure to confirm what they will be before building


The money goes towards providing more public facilities and services for area.


Please note – These prices are subject to change, so I suggest you contact the Council, or view the City of Parramatta’s website.


Land Size Restrictions for a Granny Flat


You can be approved for a granny flat through the Council known as the City of Parramatta by either Complying Development or a Development Application.


You can now submit your Development Applications through the NSW Planning Portal.


Your Complying Development must meet standards in:



This states that your property must be a minimum of 450sqm.


However, you are restricted by a floor space ratio as listed by land size below:


  • 450sqm – 560sqm = All buildings on your property cannot exceed 290sqm.
  • 560sqm – 600sqm = All buildings on your property cannot be greater than 25% of your land area, plus 150sqm.
  • 600sqm – 740sqm = All buildings on your property cannot exceed 335sqm.
  • 740sqm – 900sqm = All buildings on your property cannot be more than 25% of your block size, plus 150sqm.
  • 900sqm – 920sqm = All buildings on your property cannot exceed 380sqm.
  • 920sqm – 1000sqm = All buildings on your property cannot be greater than 25% of the size of your land, plus 150sqm.
  • 1000sqm or more = All buildings on your property cannot exceed 400sqm.


Can You Crane in a Modular Granny Flat?


If you choose a prefabricated granny flat, such as a modular home, there are preparations your must undertake in order to relocate it on to your site.


An important part of this is to ensure you hire a crane for this job – this is required to unload the granny flat from the transport vehicle.


So, is it possible to hire a crane in Parramatta, and how much will this cost?


Yes – there are crane operators located in Parramatta, who can perform this job. The cost will vary, depending how easily accessible your site is, so you should get at least 3 quotes.


However, each company should come and assess your site and give you a quote, free of charge.


Expect to pay around $220 an hour to hire a smaller crane.


A large crane will be needed if your property is not easy to access – or example, if you have cracked footpaths out the front of your home. Expect to pay approximately $400+ an hour. So, hiring a crane can easily cost more than $1000 – just another reason why it is important to get at least 3 quotes.


Some companies that you can contact for a quote are:



Does Your Granny Flat Need to Fit a Certain Design for the Suburb?


Specific design requirements for granny flats in Parramatta are discussed in the Parramatta Development Control Plan 2011, Part 3.


Some important factors to take note of are:


  • 3.2.1 – Building Form and Massing

Your granny flat must complement and enhance your streets visual characteristics.

For example, your building height and mass must preserve and strengthen your neighbourhoods facilities, characteristics and environmental restraints.


  • Design Controls (Secondary Dwellings)

C.1 – Attached granny flats must be amalgamated with the design, colour, and materials of your main home.

C.2 – Granny flats must be a durable, robust construction, meeting the standards of the Building Code of Australia.

C.3 – The way the granny flats looks must not lessen the visual appearance of the main dwelling or its’ surrounding houses.


  • 3.2.2 Building Facades and Articulation

The prime patterns, compositions and articulation of the granny flats facade must reinforce the character and continuity of your street.

This does not necessarily mean copying the look of surrounding houses.

It is based on the principle of design, to fortify and encourage the basic components that create the personality of the area.

Meaning, you should provide an attractive facade which fits in with the main identity of your street.


  • 3.2.5 Streetscape

“Streetscape” means the connections between buildings, landscape, and open spaces on your street.

The quality of your streetscape influences the character of the City of Parramatta.

For example, your granny flat should acknowledge the prime streetscape characteristics.

That is, building forms, scales, materials, and colours, thus adding to the personality of the region.


An example of a completed project in Parramatta can be seen at Granny Flat Approvals.


If you still need help understanding the regulations of the Council, contact granny flat builders or town planners who have great knowledge of the area, such as:



Demographic of Parramatta & Who Would be Your Optimal Tenant?


In a Census conducted in 2016, there were 186, 320 people living in the City of Parramatta.


31.5% of these were going to an educational institution. Out of those, 27.2% were in a tertiary of technical institution.


There are several university campuses and training facilities in Parramatta.


As rental prices are quite high, a larger granny flat for university students to use as shared housing is a wise investment.


For example, if you have the room, a 3-bedroom granny flat can offer you great rental return.


For this demographic, it is a good idea if your granny flat is furnished, as many students do not have furniture. This includes blinds, air-conditioning, and a laundry with a washing machine.


You can save money by not including a carport or garage – many students don’t have cars. Though a separate entrance/driveway is a wise idea, as the tenants and their visitors can come and go without disturbing occupants in the main home.


Also, ensure you include separate gas, electricity, and water flow meters, so you can better control the costs and offer split billing.


All of these things will appeal to students and attract a good rental income.




As per the SEPP, in Parramatta you can be approved for a granny flat through either Complying Development or a Development Application.


Your minimum property size is 450sqm, and you are restricted by a floor space ratio.


You must design your granny flat as per the standards of the Parramatta Development Control Plan 2011, Part 3.


The objective of this is that the elements of your building, such as its’ height, facade, appearance, all;


  • Complement your existing primary dwelling.
  • Enhance the surrounding neighbourhood and streetscape.
  • Integrate with your main home and the look of the streetscape.
  • Provide an attractive facade that enhances the identity of the area.


You may need to make a contribution to Council before starting your build – depending how much your granny flat will cost.


Your certifier will decide if this is necessary. The fees can be seen on the City of Parramatta’s website.


The City of Parramatta Council can be contacted on;