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granny flat design awards

Granny Flats - General

Granny Flat Design Awards – The Best in Australia

There are awards to congratulate granny flat designs. What are these award-winning granny flat designs?   Granny flat design awards intend to acknowledge and support the skill of the designers and builders who work...

how long to build a granny flat


How Long Does it Take to Build a Granny Flat?

You may be looking at building a granny flat as you know that it is much quicker to build than a family-home. So just how long does it take to build a granny flat?...

granny flat designs


21 Granny Flat Design Ideas – Plus What Must be Included

Looking for Granny Flat designs? I was able to collaborate with BT + Najam Designs, who sent over designs to use freely in this article (see below).   Today, I cover a ton of...

granny flat advantages

Granny Flats - General

Granny Flat Benefits – 7 Advantages to Build a Granny Flat

Building a granny flat can have many advantages over putting your hard-earned money towards other forms of investments. Here are 7 Granny Flat Benefits:   Additional rental income. Ability to rent for “short term”...

wollongong granny flat requirements


Wollongong Granny Flat Requirements – See Councils Regulations Here

If you’re thinking of building a granny flat in Wollongong, to help, here are the Wollongong Council granny flat regulations:   There is no obligation for off-street parking. You will be required to pay...

traditional granny architects

Granny Flat - Plans

Granny Flat Architects – The Best of the Best

You may need the assistance of a designer, such as an architect, when building your granny flat. So, what makes a great granny flat architect?    A great architect from your first meeting should...

selling a granny flat rules


Can You Sell a Granny Flat? // [Here is the Only Way to Do It]

Times tend to change, and as they do, this may end up with you no longer wanting or needing your granny flat. So, can you sell your granny flat?     This question is complicated...

granny flat on top of your house


Can You Build a Granny Flat on Top of Your House?

If you are lacking space in your block, you may be looking to build upwards. So, are you allowed to build a granny flat on top of your house?    Yes, the AHSEPP states...

converting a garage into a granny flat

Granny Flats - General

Converting a Garage into a Granny Flat – The Definitive Guide

Thinking about converting an unused space into a granny flat, rather than building one from scratch?   So, can you convert a garage into a granny flat legally? Yes, anyone can convert their garage...

custom granny flats


Custom Granny Flats – [These Examples Will Change Your Life]

When building a granny flat, it is important to put a lot of thought into your design. So, are custom Granny Flats expensive?   Yes – custom granny flats are typically more expensive than...