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Granny Flat - Exterior

Colorbond Granny Flats – What You Need to Know Before using Colorbond

When it comes to a choosing the materials for your granny flat – are Colorbond granny flats a popular choice?   Colorbond is a metal roofing that is manufactured by Bluescope Steel. It is...

no council approved granny flats australia


No Council Approval Granny Flats – How to Get One Legally

If you are looking to completely bypass Council when building your granny flat, here is a list of  “No Council Approval Granny Flat Providers”.    Designer Eco Tiny Homes – 1300 334 153. Aussie...

energy efficient granny flats


Energy Efficient Granny Flats – Save Money & The Environment

You have many things to consider when you build a granny flat – one is how energy efficient it is.   So, here is what energy efficient granny flats need:   A design that...

granny flat on challenging block


Granny Flat on a Challenging Block – The Do’s and Don’ts

You may want to know – What you need to do in order to build a granny flat on a challenging block?   You will need to work with your restraints in mind, such...

granny flat drafters


Granny Flat Drafters – How to Pick One & What to Look Out For

If you are thinking of using a drafter to design the plans for your granny flat, well it is an important choice, so – What makes a great granny flat drafter?   A designer...

occupation certificate for granny flat


Granny Flat Occupation Certificate & What Can Go Wrong

When building a granny flat, to comply with the regulations of Council, you will need many certificates.   The very last is an Occupation Certificate (OC), So what is an Occupation Certificate for a...

blacktown city council granny flat rules

Local Council

Blacktown Council Granny Flat Requirements – The Ultimate Summary

If you are thinking of building a granny flat in Blacktown, NSW, here is a summary of Blacktown Council granny flat requirements:   No car parking spots are necessary. You may be required to...


Granny Flat Electrician – Installing Wiring + All You Need to Know

Looking for an electrician for your granny flat? And not sure if you can do any of the wiring yourself? In todays post we cover this and more.   So let’s jump right in...

one bedroom granny flats


1 Bedroom Granny Flats – The “Must-Read” Guide Before Building

As more and more people are starting to build granny flats, and you are limited for space you may find yourself wondering – “what can I fit in a one bedroom granny flat?”  ...

wollongong granny flats

Granny Flat - Builders

Wollongong Granny Flats // The “Best” Builders List

If you own a primary home in Wollongong, NSW, you may be considering building a granny flat to go along with it. So, here are the top 10 recommended granny flat builders in Wollongong....