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Sustainable Granny Flats

BASIX Energy Requirements for Granny Flats

What are the BASIX requirements for Granny Flats? They are to ensure you meet the Governments requirements for sustainability, regarding: 1. Water Commitments (to save water) 2. Thermal Comfort (Regarding insulation) 3. Energy Commitments...

Granny Flat - Start Building

Can You Build Your Own Granny Flat?

To save money I wanted to know about building as an “owner-builder”. So can you build your own granny flat?   Yes, you can. As an “owner-builder” you can obtain the right permits. Then...

Granny Flat Foundations

Does a Granny Flat Need to be Built on a Concrete Slab?

When setting out to plan our granny flat, I was worried about our sloping land. All other designs I had seen were built on concrete slabs and I knew this wasn’t possible for us....