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Granny Flat vs. Extension – What Makes More Sense?

When you purchase a home you’re putting more thought into your current circumstances than your future requirements, so as a new homeowner you probably don’t think about whether you need extra space in the...

Granny Flats - General

Granny Flat Packages – We Compare the Major Builders.

So you’ve decided to add a granny flat to your property – now, you must decide who will perform the installion. Well, I’ve done the hard work for you and provided a summary of...

Granny Flats - General

What is a Granny Flat?

Granny flats are becoming increasing popular, yet many people have not seen one. So, have you wondered exactly, What is a granny flat?   Granny flats are self-contained units that have a kitchen or...


Granny Flat vs. Subdivision – Find Out What is Best.

If you have a property on which you are looking to develop, you may be wondering what your best option is. A prime example What is the difference between a granny flat and subdivision?...


Granny Flat vs. Dual Occupancy – Find Out What You Should Do.

If you are looking to build on your existing property, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of granny flats vs. dual occupancy – so what is the difference?   The...

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Where to Find Used Granny Flats for Sale

With all this talk of building and buying granny flats, you may want a much cheaper option – so where to you find used granny flats for sale? Many manufacturers and suppliers of premium...


Granny Flat vs. Tiny House – Which is Better for You?

The tiny house movement has been an uprising trend for a few years now, at the same time as which granny flats are becoming more popular than ever. Which may leave you wondering –...

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Granny Flat Under $50,000 – With Real Examples

You may have noticed that the prices of granny flats can range quite erratically. So, can you build a granny flat for under $50,000? Yes, you can. For under $50,000 you can get a...

Cheap Options

Granny Flat Under $10,000 – Can It Be Done?

With more people today trying to get into the housing market at a more affordable price, it has left many people wondering – Is it possible to build a granny flat for under $10,000?...


Granny Flat Insurance – Comparing Prices from Real Quotes

You may now be looking at securing your granny flat investment by insuring it. So, the main question is : What is the cost of granny flat insurance?   This can be difficult to answer...