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10 Best Newcastle Granny Flat Builders – The “Trusted” Builders List

If you have a primary home in Newcastle, NSW, you may have been thinking about building a secondary dwelling as well. This article covers the top 10 recommended granny flat builders in Newcastle.


I have thoroughly discussed each one for you explaining:


  • Why they are well-renowned.
  • What makes their granny flats so beneficial.
  • The advantages of their building team as a whole.


Here Are the Top 10 Recommended Granny Flat Builders in Newcastle


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Rescon Granny Flats – 1300 108 365.


Rescon Granny Flats are the leading granny flat builder in Newcastle, with over 10 years’ experience.


Reputation always precedes quality builders


The benefits of working with them include;




  • They use only licensed tradesman and contractors, to ensure your build will be high-quality, on schedule and within your budget.
  • Their standard pricing does not include any “hidden costs” – the only other fee you will pay is the relevant Newcastle Councils’ fees.



Ian Cubitt’s Classic Home Improvements – 1300 721 150.


Cubitt’s is an Australian, family owned and operated business with over 25 years’ experience.


The advantages of choosing them include that they;


  • With their extensive experience, have a team of experienced and reliable tradespeople.
  • Have a wide range of 1, 2 and even 3-bedroom granny flats.
  • Will make modifications to any of their floor plans, customising them to suit your site, lifestyle, and needs.
  • Have a Council planning and drafting team, who will take care of your Council approval process.
  • Will dedicate you your very own project manager, ensuring that you are kept informed throughout every stage of your project.



Backspace Living – 1300 561 169.


Backspace Living are affordable, architecturally designed granny flats. They have won multiple awards for their designs, – the latest, the Winner of the 2019 HIA Hunter Region Affordable Housing.


The benefits of choosing them as your builder include;


  • You can choose from their designs or customise your own – they are very flexible with modifications, as they want you to love your Backspace.
  • Their standards inclusions are;


  • They commit to having your granny flat finished in 12 weeks (after starting work on a Monday). If they run behind, they will pay you rent for every week they are late.



PJ Cook Building – (02) 4342 0853.


PJ Cook is an award winning builder, who has a simplified process so that your granny flat can, in most cases, be finished in roughly 12-13 weeks after your slab is poured.

The benefits of choosing this company as your building team includes that you;


They will also arrange your;


Acrow Investments – (02) 4308 7854.


Acrow Investments are a family run business with nearly 20 years experience.


The benefits of choosing them as your builder include that they;


  • Have a team of architects and engineers keenly waiting to start your project.
  • Will manage all your paperwork for Council approval. They have a lot of knowledge regarding the Councils’ regulations, and this process shouldn’t take longer than 4-6 weeks.
  • Will assign you a project manager, who will keep you regularly updated, and will always be available to answer any of your queries.
  • Proudly claim they have never missed a deadline for project completion – this being 8 to 9 weeks in favourable weather conditions.
  • Will provide you with a guarantee that, if they do run behind schedule, will offer you an upgrade to make up for the inconvenience.
  • Have a range of designs;




Coastline Granny Flats – (02) 4942 3474.


Coastline Granny Flats can offer you the complete package – a team of experts, including Newcastle’s leading real estate agents who will help you rent out your new granny flat.


Other benefits of choosing to work with them include that they will;


  • Assign you with a private certifier, architect, interior designer, and qualified tradesmen.
  • Be completely flexible with their design.
  • Have the latest products and tools, innovative materials, and the newest building technologies.



Trenz Granny Flat – 0432 331 951.


The benefits of working with Trenz Granny Flats includes that they;



Granny Flats Sydney – 1300 205 007.


Granny Flats Sydney are dedicated to saving you time and money when building your granny flat, so will detect any avoidable costs during these 3 stages – design, approval, and construction.


Other advantages of choosing this company to be your building team are that they;

  • Have a range of granny flat designs, in sizes from 35sqm – 60sqm.
  • Will modify these designs to suit your needs.
  • Will add a patio, verandah, deck or awning for extra room (a way of legally increasing your allowed floor space).
  • Will create practical and achievable plans within your budget and to suit your land.
  • Have expert knowledge – the principal builder, Serge Panayi, has been designing and presenting Approvals to Councils’ for over 3 decades.
  • Analyse your property with experience, without errors, so there are no “nasty surprises” when building – they can predict if/when an issue may arise.
  • Have the knowledge that can save you thousands – they can avoid employing other professionals, as they are well-educated in areas such as;



  • Offer Turn-Key Build Pricing, so there are no “hidden costs”.
  • Build your granny flat, on average, in 10-12 weeks from beginning until handover (including approval).



Vickers Home Improvements – (02) 4942 8388.


Vickers Home Improvements are trusted builders with over 30 years’ experience. They have a team of experienced contractors, to whom they offer regular training, making sure they stay up to date with the latest in construction technologies and techniques.


The benefits of working with them include;


  • Their modern equipment ensures your granny flat is built to budget.
  • Their productive team, which includes some of the best contractors and designers in Newcastle, will ensure the build is completed on-schedule.
  • They offer a wide range of granny flats;




Sorensen Design – (02) 4984 9955.


Sorensen Design has been building granny flats since it was established in 2002 and is a multi-award-winning company.


Their Director, Adrian Sorensen, is the foundation for the company’s expert knowledge, as he;



The advantages of choosing them to be your building team include that they can;


  • Design your granny flat from scratch, advising you on how practical it is for your land.
  • Assist with a smooth approval process with Council and a private certifier.
  • Take care of all your other consultants, i.e. engineersBASIX, and a surveyor if required.
  • Using the latest 3D building design software, provide you with high resolution 3D images and a 3D walk through of the granny flat, so you can envision the finished work.




I hope reading this has made it easier for you to find your builder in Newcastle. Although, if you’re still not sure, my detailed article about what makes a great builder and the questions you should ask them may help you decide.


It’s also worth noting that the Council known as the City of Newcastle follows the regulations of AHSEPP, meaning;



If you would like to know more about the regulations for granny flats in Newcastle, such as;



This information, and more, is available on the City of Newcastle’s website.