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If you have been researching buying a granny flat, you will have noticed there are many different types, styles, and places you can purchase them from. So here is a list of places where you can buy a granny flat.


A List of Places Where to Buy a Granny Flat





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Blue Gum Granny Flats are a respected granny flat builder in Sydney. The advantages of working with them include:


  • They will work with you to create a granny flat that specifically suits your requirements.
  • They are transparent in their approach, helping you to make informed decisions.
  • They use only quality materials, building a high standard granny flat.
  • Use their free online Granny Flat Package Calculator today to get an estimate of  your development, including:
  • The design.
  •  External materials.
  • Internal materials.


Disadvantages of working with them are that they will charge you extra for Basic Approval, which includes:


  • Site survey.
  • Build Zone Map.
  • Report.
  • All plans.
  • Engineering & Private Certifier fees.
  • Granny Flats Sydney – 1300 205 007

The benefits of working with Granny Flats Sydney include:


  • You are bypassing the ‘middle-man’ (the building company) and going direct to the wholesaler. This can save you thousands of dollars.
  • They offer a comprehensive, transparent turn-key build price which includes site costs. Calculate yours by using their Building Calculator, which even allows you to choose any Optional Upgrades.
  • They have very flexible packages in design, approval, and construction. They will allow you to do some work as an “owner-builder” or take care of the entire process for you. The packages can be viewed here.
  • They are also very flexible with their floor plans and will change them to suit you.


I do not see many disadvantages to working with this well-informed company, although they may be busy.



Granny Flat Solutions have a range of 1, 2, 3 and even 4 bedroom granny flats. Benefits of working with them include:


  • They create different designs, specifically suited to your taste and personal needs.
  • They do not shy away from a challenge. They will take on things other builders will not.
  • They will go to great lengths to craft a high-quality design to make a special granny flat on any block.
  • They will prepare a full set of architectural plans and final documents for you to submit for approval.


A disadvantage of working with this company is they build approximately 200 granny flats a year, so they too may be busy.




Granny flats in Victoria are known as a “Dependant Persons Unit”, and they have very strict regulations, such as:


  • It can only be occupied by a person dependant on the person/s in the main home, and
  • Councils’ insist that the DPU is either a movable building, or one that is easily removed.
  • This is as it must be removed once the dependant ceases to live there.


As such, there are not as yet any permanent granny flat builders in Victoria.


However, there are many transportable and movable home builders that may still be able to custom-build your portable granny flat:






The advantages of working with Urban Granny Flat Solutions include:


  • They recognise the importance of communication and collaboration, ensuring you are kept fully informed and involved throughout the entire process.
  • Once the build is complete, they will walk through the granny flat with you, to ensure your satisfaction and answer any questions before your granny flat is officially handed over.
  • They have a range of Eco Designs, and build Eco granny flats.


Disadvantages of working with this company is that they do not appear to assist you with submitting your approval to Council. (You will have to cover this)





You will, however, notice these prices in your fixed price contract.



Granny Flats WA will build you a new granny flat, the advantages of which include they:


  • Build them in your backyard from start to finish.
  • Provide Drafting, Engineering, and also Council submission if required.
  • Build them to suit both your house, your style, and needs.
  • Will make a no-obligation visit to your home, to advise what will work for the layout of your land and your budget.
  • Will work in stages if you wish – i.e. build the granny flat to lock-up stage before adding plumbing, so you can decide when to add the;
  • Bathroom, kitchen, laundry, as suits your needs and budget.


However, a disadvantage to their process is that the construction period may take longer than you would expect.



Perth’s Granny Flat Specialists’ were a finalist in the Master Builders Western Australia Housing Excellence Awards 2018, in the Ancillary Dwelling category.


The benefits of purchasing your granny flat from them include;


  • They will come to your site and do an assessment, listen to your vision, and estimate a budget for the project.
  • With your approval, they can then do a thorough inspection of your site, engaging a drafter and engineers.
  • They can then give you a fixed price quote.
  • They will also help you submit your plans to Council for approval.
  • Their construction period is 10-12 weeks before they hand over keys, and you have a 6-month maintenance period.
  • They also have a good list of Standard Inclusions.


The disadvantage of working with this company is the biggest granny flat they have is a 2-bedroom.



The benefits of purchasing a granny flat from My Granny flat WA include;


  • They build fully featured homes, with superior quality double-brick and tile or Colorbond.
  • They will custom build granny flats to your exact specification, and to integrate with your main home.
  • They will deal directly with the builder, from start to finish.
  • Their standard inclusions are other builders ‘extras’ or ‘upgrades’, such as:
  • Double brick.
  • Sub meters for gas, water and electric.
  • Storm water drainage.
  • Site works, and
  • Split system air conditioning.
  • So, these are included in their fixed price contracts, meaning no nasty and costly surprises.
  • They take care of every detail from beginning to end, including a drafter, and assisting with building approvals.
  • Their construction process is approximately 12 weeks, depending on how complex your land is, and weather conditions.


Disadvantages of working with this company is that double brick can be a more costly design.




South Australia does not have a range of new granny flats as their regulations are very strict.


As such, all granny flats in SA are constructed with a standard design that includes;


  • 1 bedroom.
  • 1 bathroom.
  • An open plan living area and kitchen.


However, there are some companies that will custom-build a granny flat for you.



The benefit of working with Austral Constructions is that:


  • Their designs incorporate your needs and requirements by using a wide range of materials and styles.
  • They will liaise with your local Council and prepare and submit full documentation for the approval process.



The advantages of working with them are:


  • They have an experienced team of designers, builders and administrators who will handle everything from including local regulations.
  • Their designs have no hidden extra costs.
  • You can choose to have the granny flat constructed on site in brick.


Disadvantages are they have a limited range of options in the ‘Retreat’ on site designs.


But, generally the most popular option for granny flats in SA are pre-fabricated ones such as “flatpacks” (kit homes).


There are some builders in SA that will allow you to make slight adjustments to their ‘pre-designed’ homes:



These companies may let you make changes to the fixtures and fittings or add a deck to the design.


You may be able to negotiate with them about adding your own elements to your ‘pre-design’.





The benefits of working with Homes4You include:


  • They are flexible and will alter their designs to suit your needs, from changing internal plans, to moving walls, windows, and doors.
  • They build state-wide in Tasmania.
  • They will provide assistance with every stage of the process, from the soil test to Council approval.


Disadvantages of working this company is that their building process may be slightly longer, at 12 – 18 weeks.





This company has a range of granny flat designs, from 1 to 2 bedrooms, and other benefits of working with them include:


  • Cost estimates are available upon request.
  • All designs comply with the NT building regulations.
  • They can help you by using their preferred architects and engineers.
  • Their designs are practical, and appropriate to tropical climates.
  • They can be customised to suit your unique needs.


Disadvantages of working with them may be that they are one of the only granny flat builders in the NT, so they too may also be busy.





Advantages of working with this company include:


  • They will create a design to suit your needs – either by you selecting an existing design or you can work with their design team to create what you want.
  • They will take care of your project from start to finish – design, approvals, etc.
  • All of the project is built on site using the highest quality materials and inclusions.
  • Their tradespeople are all fully licensed, insured, and local.
  • They commit (with a written guarantee), to a time frame, a fixed price, communication, and quality assurance.
  • They have also made a commitment to the environment, as for every 1 sqm they build, they plant 2 native trees in Australian bush heritage areas.
  • They will add a carport/garage to your granny flat.


The disadvantage of working with this company is that they seem to be hard to get in contact with – they have stated:


  • They spend most of our time building and working with clients, so can’t always get to our mobile phones, so
  • Call the office during working hours, so they can take your contact details, and the relevant team member will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.


I hope this list has helped you make a more informed choice when shopping for your granny flat.