Granny Flat on a Corner Block – Here is What Needs to Be Done

A corner block is different than a standard block, and so there are different rules for building a granny flat on a corner block. So, where is the best place to build a granny flat on a corner block?


A corner block can have its’ ‘front’ at any side you choose. However, due to the setbacks required, it is generally best to nominate the same frontage for your granny flat as the main home (the primary road). This leaves more room for privacy – which can easily be achieved by facing the two dwellings back-to-back, rather than facing each other.


Today I will discuss the restrictions of setbacks, and what you can do about them.


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I will talk about inventive ways to use the space better and how to provide road access.


Lastly, I will discuss ways to create privacy for your corner block granny flat.


Restrictions of Setbacks Which Make It Hard, and What To Do About It


A standard lot is a lot that is not a battle-axe, corner or parallel road lot.


The setbacks for a standard lot sized from 450 square metres – 900 square metres must have setbacks that are:


  • Side = 0.9 metres.
  • Rear = 3 metres.
  • Front = 4.5 metres.


These can increase with the size of a property, as can be seen in-depth on my article about setbacks.


What makes a corner lot unusual is that it has two connecting boundaries, with a road/s joining at an angle less than 135 degrees.


This means you must decide:


  • Which road is your ‘primary road’? So you know where your front, rear and side boundaries are according to council.


So basically, a corner block can have its’ ‘front’ at any side you choose.


It is usually best to appoint the same frontage as the primary dwelling – which is the primary road.


This is because a granny flat cannot be closer to the street than the existing setbacks of the closest neighbouring houses.


This layout works best for corner block granny flats


By delegating the granny flat with the same ‘front’ as the main home, this leaves room for the:


  • Normal 3m rear setback and 0.9m side setback, plus
  • 3m side setback that is required from the ‘secondary street’ for a corner block.


There are instances where the opposite is better, but these are few and far between.


It is very rare to have houses closer than 2m – 3m to the street front, though it happens… On the odd occasion.


Even in these cases it’s generally wise idea to keep the granny flat that bit further away from the street front anyway, due to:


  • The noise and dirt from traffic, etc.


Are There Inventive Ways to Use the Space Better


Corner blocks have many advantages, including they have more:


  • Access points.
  • Opportunities for windows, meaning more natural light.
  • Spaces for parking.


Also, as a corner block is so open and flexible, it is worth bringing an architect in to discuss different architectural styles during the design stage.


Here is a great example of how to use a corner block best


After all, it’s no use having all these wonderful features available to you on the corner block, if you don’t take full advantage of them.


See Backyard Grannys great granny flat custom-designed for a corner block. I do like this one!


Should You Provide Access from One Road to the Granny Flat?


Simply put – yes.


This is another advantage of a corner block – they have the advantage of providing dual access.


Vehicular access can be more easily added into the development, because the shape of a corner block allows the occupants of the granny flat to have:


  • Private access from the side street.


This is a great addition for the privacy of the residents of both dwellings.


The side-entry point is basically a completely separate private space, so, especially if renting the granny flat, it’s a way to:


  • Differentiate the granny flat from your private space. For example, you do not have to worry about their visitors coming and going.


It will also make the granny flat much more attractive to your potential tenants.