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dream granny flat

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Thank you a thousand times over. We love our granny flat!

Trish Williams, NSW

We are your: One. Stop. Shop.

We are Designers, Engineers, Building Cost Estimators & Energy Consultants.
And have a deep knowledge of the rules & regulations to ensure your granny flat is approved & built for the lowest cost possible.

three circles showing granny flat lifecycle

What Sets Us Apart

Most people plan a granny flat, but don’t consider the costs involved.
You can have what you want – If it’s designed in the right way.

Your design includes a broken down list of materials - Never get ripped off again.

Bringing it All Together

It’s a huge pain to have your plans changed after the engineer looks over them

We prevent miscommunication between professions and disappointment by having everything done “in-house”. From helping with council to planning, designing & engineering

Why Our Clients Love Us

(Their words not ours)


We first create design sketches. This is where your granny flat begins to take shape. We craft these sketches within the rules and regulations of your state or local council for you to look over.

2D + 3D Floor Plan

Get a true feeling for your granny flat. Do you want a table to fit 4 or 6 people? Do you want to include that entertainment unit you saw online? Well, let us put them in your plans so nothing is left out.

3D Renders

3D renders allow you to get as close to physical reality as possible.

Get a true feel for your completed granny flat. We create as many 3D renders as you like, from any angle. Helping you decide exactly what you want.


This might seem like the boring stuff. But it is the most important aspect of them all.

Ensuring your granny is structurally sound and doesn’t alter the design you want is the winning combination. Let us take care of this, with our resident in-house engineer.

Energy Reports

In NSW, it s called BASIX. Every state has their own rules. This is to ensure your granny flat is built in the most sustainable way possible by reducing it’s carbon footprint.

It is also mandatory to pass these energy ratings for approval. That is why we don’t leave this to someone else.

Cost Efficient

Looking for the lowest cost granny flat to rent out and build easily? We have you covered.

Custom Design

Love The Hamptons look? Or need to match your existing home? Not a worry at all.


Have a specific requirement such as garages, extra storage, or a loft room at add? Not a worry at all.