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Granny Flat Architects – The Best of the Best

You may need the assistance of a designer, such as an architect, when building your granny flat. So, what makes a great granny flat architect?    A great architect from your first meeting should...

2 Storey Granny Flats – And The Rules You Need to Follow

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to build a bigger granny flat. So, can you build a 2-storey granny flat?   Yes, you can build a 2-storey granny flat. Your...

Granny Flat on a Corner Block – Here is What Needs to Be Done

A corner block is different than a standard block, and so there are different rules for building a granny flat on a corner block. So, where is the best place to build a granny...

Granny Flat Setbacks to Boundaries

When designing your granny flat, a very important thing to consider are the regulations regarding setbacks – so, what are granny flat setbacks?   If your property is 900sqm or less, the granny flat...

What is the Maximum Size for a Granny Flat? & How to Make Them Bigger

When deciding to build a granny flat, you have several decisions that you have to make. One of these is going to be the size of your granny flat. So, what is the maximum...